VMworld Europe: Time to Simplify Cloud Complexity Through Unified Security

by Simon Young

Cloud is at the heart of any organisation’s digital transformation efforts today, with new DevOps practices driving innovation. But although these efforts promise faster time-to-market and greater agility, the truth is that with greater adoption comes potentially greater complexity and the danger of cloud siloes. According to the latest IDC stats out this week, 90% of organisations will look to migrate to hybrid and multi-cloud environments over the next six years. In this fracturing world, it’s important to ensure you have unified security which works across all major platforms.

That’s part of the message Trend Micro will be bringing to VMworld Europe next week.

Clouds multiplied
Driven by the cloud, digital transformation has been a priority for most CEOs over the past few years, and is now well into its “second chapter”, according to IDC. Security bosses, as always, are called upon to ensure that new technologies and approaches can be driven in a way which doesn’t expose the organisation to unmanageable cyber risk.

“As industries – and the global economy – rapidly realign and consolidate around digital innovation, CXOs must race to reinvent their organizations for the fast-paced multiplied innovation world,” said Frank Gens, Senior Vice President and Chief Analyst at IDC. “This means reinventing IT around a distributed cloud infrastructure, public cloud software stacks, agile and cloud-native app development and deployment, AI as the new user interface, and new, pervasive approaches to security and trust at scale.”

However, new approaches could create extra complexity. According to IDC, by 2022, the top four “mega-platforms” will provide 80% of IaaS and PaaS deployments. As a result, the vast majority of organisations will look to multi-clouds and hybrid deployments to mitigate vendor lock-in.

Integration will be key in this new cloud era, the analyst claims. But fragmentation in the cloud space is a tricky challenge to tackle. In fact, one of the reasons containers have become so popular in DevOps is precisely to deal with the complexity of hybrid cloud strategies — which could include multiple different public cloud vendors alongside on-premise virtualisation tools.

The security challenge
The challenge is multiplied when one considers security. Risk increases when organisations are forced to run multiple security solutions for their different environments. These could leave crucial workloads unprotected, and lead to performance and compliance issues.

The good news is that Trend Micro’s flagship Deep Security platform works seamlessly across physical, virtual and hybrid cloud environments, allowing IT teams to work from a single, unified dashboard for centralised visibility and reporting and optimised incident response. It’s been designed specifically with tight integration with VMware in mind as well as AWS and Azure. It also offers seamless protection for VMware Cloud on AWS, a new offering which aims to take the pain out of cloud migration by allowing organisations to extend their on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the AWS Cloud.

Crucially, this blanket coverage means workloads are automatically protected wherever they go, and a single, lightweight agent means there’s no hit to performance. It’s no surprise that IDC has ranked Trend Micro number one in server security sales every year since 2009.

At VMworld Europe next week we’ll be expanding on these benefits, and sharing industry best practices and insight in two keynotes at the show:

Enabling Hybrid Cloud Security for NSX and VMWare Cloud on AWS [SAI1032BES]
Bryan Webster, Principal Architect, Trend Micro
Jeremiah Cornelius, Security Envisioning Architect – Partner Products – VMware Global Technology Alliance, VMware
Wednesday, Nov 07, 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Mind the Gap: Building a closer relationship between Security and DevOps [DEV1031BES]
Bryan Webster, Principal Architect, Trend Micro
Doug Cahill, Group Director and Senior Analyst , Enterprise Strategy Group
Wednesday, Nov 07, 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona.

What: VMworld Europe, Booth P417
Where: Barcelona
When: 5-8 November



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