Trend Micro Welcomes TippingPoint, DVLabs and the Zero Day Initiative

by Frank Schwittay

Last week marked a major milestone for Trend Micro, TippingPoint and our customers. Tipping Point is officially and fully part of the Trend Micro family now and our customers will benefit from the products and expertise of TippingPoint, and vice versa.

While it’s common in acquisitions for press releases to talk about things like “mutual benefits” and “synergy,” in this case, the marriage of TippingPoint and Trend Micro really is one that is a win-win for both sides as well as customers.

On the TippingPoint side, we have products like the next-generation intrusion prevention systems (IPS) and integrated network security solutions: – both among the best respected products in the industry. TippingPoint also brings research and threat expertise with DVLabs, which provides the threat intelligence that powers those products. TippingPoint also brings in a truly unique asset, the Zero Day Initiative (ZDI): the industry’s first, best respected and most prolific broker of responsibly disclosed security vulnerabilities. ZDI is also annual sponsor of Pwn2Own, the industry’s oldest and most successful vulnerability research competition.

On the Trend Micro side, we have award winning products like OfficeScan, Deep Discovery and Deep Security, which support vulnerability shielding and exploit prevention. On the threat and research side we have TrendLabs and the Forward-Looking Threat Research Team (FTR). Less well known, we also have Trend Micro Vulnerability Research, who responsibly reported and fixed more than 50 vulnerabilities in 2015 (including 11 vulnerabilities under zero-day attack). We also have the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network ™, one of the industry’s first cloud-based threat protection networks.

When we bring TippingPoint into Trend Micro and combine these assets, we create a second-to-none product portfolio focused on advanced threat protection. We have top threat research capabilities into the entire attack lifecycle. There is also a combined vulnerability research and broker program that accounts for more responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities (CVE’s) than anyone else in the industry. Finally, we boast the Smart Protection Network ™ that knits threat intelligence, vulnerability research and products together.

What makes the combination of Trend Micro and TippingPoint so powerful is the combination of research and intelligence with threat protection products. Our combined expertise in attacks and vulnerabilities will give our product portfolio an unparalleled protection capability: we will be able to respond even more quickly to protect customers against attacks, and provide broader, more effective protections due to the increased vulnerability research capabilities.

As someone that’s been in the vulnerability response space for nearly 15 years, this combination is one of the most exciting I’ve seen in my career. And I can honestly say that people I know at both Trend Micro and TippingPoint (many of whom I worked with elsewhere in the past) are truly excited. If you know anything about technical people, you know they don’t generally get excited about acquisitions. So, when it happens, it’s important to take notice.

We’re all eager to see what the future brings with this new chapter. And the introduction will be written next week in Vancouver, British Columbia as ZDI hosts its annual Pwn2Own competition, now as part of Trend Micro. Be sure to check back on this blog for details of how this event will play out.

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