Trend Micro UK reaches out to the Local Community

by David O’Reilly

When we moved from Marlow to London Paddington in 2013, we wanted to commit to making a long-term positive impact on our new local community in West London. With innovation being one of our core values, we set out to work with a local Arts College to support the curriculum of young talented students and in the process liven up our office environment with artistic productions of these students.

The story so far
We chose to partner with the City of Westminster College (CWC) a year later and jointly developed the syllabus of its photography course. We chose to work with this particular college to increase opportunities for their students who typically come from low-income families.

Hot on the heels of summer the new students arrived on campus with a Trend Micro inspired curriculum now at the centre of their learning and a course theme of ‘Our Digital Future’. The course featured a number of projects set across two semesters including:
– Research into the Digital Future
– Field work projects
– The final project: a photographic interpretation of the Digital Future showcased at Trend Micro’s office

Kicking things off
Following the start of the new college year 2014/15, Rik Ferguson attended CWC to launch the Trend Micro Digital Future Curriculum. As expected, Rik lived up to his celebrity status and wowed the audience. Enthused, students were invited back to the Trend office so they could get a feel for the company and the space that their artwork would eventually be displayed in.

In line with our partnership with CWC, we also aim to get students real life experience and have the opportunity to hone their photography skills in the real world.  The first of these experiences has allowed a student to shadow an established professional for a day whilst taking corporate head shots of the UK team.  In the future we will have students shadow all professional photographers we work with.

This week
On Thursday, 5th March 2015 we will have the premier of the DIGITAL FUTURE exhibition our office in London, Paddington.  This will give students an opportunity to showcase their work and present their interpretation of OUR DIGITAL FUTURE through the medium of photography.  We are delighted and excited to further engage with the CWC and their students and we will keep you up to date with the story as it unfolds.

Summary of Trend Partnership with CWC
Supporting the college’s Photography course for 16-18 yrs
– BTEC level / A level
Integrated into the course curriculum
– Real world photography commission
Providing 3 bursaries
– Financial support for equipment, travel and course related activities
Hosting end of term exhibition
– Exhibition where students can showcase their work to friends/family and the wider community
Provide work experience
– Opportunity to gain work experience with Trend Micro working on events and corporate material
Providing 1 scholarship
‘BTEC Higher National Certificate’ Photography Course (1 year)

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  1. David O'reilly

    Woudn’t be the success it is without Eva Fruzza and her dedication to the project from day 1. She IS this project

    D x


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