Trend Micro Touches Down on Planet VMWorld with XGen Protection

by Simon Young

VMware is one of Trend Micro’s oldest and closest partners. So we boldly went where we’ve been many years before this week with a trip to VMworld Europe in Barcelona. From our much-admired Star Trek-themed stand we’ve been explaining how Deep Security is now more powerful than ever at securing physical, virtual and cloud servers, thanks to XGen. Our cross-generational blend of threat protection techniques means out-of-this-world cybersecurity whatever your platform of choice.

The Dark Side
If you’re in any doubt about the popularity of cloud and virtual technologies among European organisations today then just take a look inside Barcelona’s Fira Gran Via. The astonishing buzz at VMworld has continued to grow in recent years, as business leaders increasingly come to realise the efficiency, productivity and cost saving benefits of transitioning to modern datacentres. In fact, cloud adoption in the UK now stands at 88%, with 67% of users expecting to increase their adoption of services over the coming year, according to official stats.

But organisations can only reap the intended benefits if their cloud and virtual environments are fully secure. According to our latest mid-year report, threats continue to grow: Trend Micro blocked a staggering 38.5 billion threats in the first six months of 2017 alone. This included a massive 82 million ransomware threats, and countless advanced information-stealing threats – all of which pose major challenges for the modern datacentre.

The truth is that the hybrid cloud – which is the set-up most organisations currently have in place – only works if you can conduct security at the speed of business. It must be optimised and tightly integrated to work effectively.

XGen: Beyond Next Gen
Fortunately, that’s exactly what Trend Micro’s industry-leading Deep Security platform offers, thanks to tight integration with many of the industry’s leading environments; including VMware, Azure, and AWS. These long-term partnerships also ensure seamless support for the latest innovations, such as VMware’s NSX network security and virtualisation platform – which is getting a lot of airtime at the show.

That’s not all. Our XGen approach means customers can benefit from a blend of complementary cross-generational threat defence techniques including anti-malware and IPS to stop sophisticated, targeted attacks. Also featured is virtual patching to protect end-of-life and vulnerable systems, and application control to protect servers from ransomware and other threats, even when apps are constantly changing and elastic workloads are distributed across environments. Deep Security now supports advanced sandboxing, while machine learning will be added soon to the line-up. It’s all about offering the widest range of protection possible with the minimum IT impact and including automated shared intelligence across all layers.

Crucially, all of this is available from a single, integrated console with comprehensive reporting across physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid environments: accelerating compliance efforts, simplifying policy and minimising management headaches.

Truth be told, it’s not just our XGen security message that’s caught the eye of attendees at VMworld Europe this year. The Star Trek-themed Trend Micro stand is causing such a buzz it was even featured in the organisers’ Day One video.


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