Trend Micro to Acquire HP TippingPoint: What next-generation IPS and breach detection mean to you

by Bob Corson

Cyber adversaries aren’t paid to bypass the network. Instead, they want to obtain the “pot of gold” by finding, copying and monetising the data, intellectual property and sensitive communications that reside within your network. They accomplish this by researching, designing and executing purpose-built attacks that bypass traditional controls, repurposing internal networks to laterally move throughout an organisation.

Metaphorically, locking doors and relying on a doorman to manage who comes and goes is no longer enough. To ensure that enterprises are the only ones benefiting from their data communications and intellectual property, security strategies need to evolve to tighten the perimeter while recognising it is a proverbial Maginot Line that can, and will, be bypassed.

For example, given the lure of data and intellectual property, attackers can use methods such as stealing credentials from employees, customers, suppliers and other third parties, as a form of entry. In today’s “borderless enterprise,” we see employees working remotely from home offices, hotels or corporate locations around the globe. They are using applications and services, either on premise and/or cloud based, as well as new form factors and devices to stay connected to the networks. With this cocktail of varying locations and resources outside the confines of the corporate walls, relying on the above mentioned doorman and a traditional approach to security is no longer realistic.

Our customers have relayed their concerns about new threats they face and the challenges that accompany them. We see an opportunity to adapt security from a single line of defense at the perimeter, and do more with monitoring, detecting and stopping targeted attacks within the internal network and data center.

We are ushering in a new era for Trend Micro with the acquisition of HP TippingPoint. Upon completion of the acquisition, we will be established as the clear go-to enterprise security provider, addressing targeted attacks and advanced threats from the network and datacenter, to the cloud and endpoints. For the latest threat intelligence, TippingPoint’s Digital Vaccine and Zero Day Initiative augments TrendLabs and our global Smart Protection Network to provide unmatched expertise and response.

Trend Micro and HP have also agreed to a strategic OEM that includes the incorporation of select components of the next-generation intrusion prevention systems (NGIPS) into HP’s networking division

This announcement is part of Trend Micro’s longstanding commitment to help make the world safe for exchanging digital information. As technology evolves, so does the arsenal needed to protect it from those seeking to do harm. Rest assured, we will continue to drive innovation and expand knowledge to ensure our customers and partners are well-equipped with the best available protection.

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