Trend Micro Partnership Helps UK Photo Students Snap up New Opportunities

by Frank Schwittay

At Trend Micro, it’s our core mission to make the world a safer place in which to exchange digital information. In fact, we’ve been protecting consumers, governments, enterprises and SMBs from cyber threats for well over 26 years now. But as a company founded with a keen sense of social responsibility, that’s not all we do. From the top down, we encourage all our employees to engage with their wider communities and wherever possible we reach out to local businesses, charities, educational institutions and the like to see where we can help out.

One project we’re delighted to be repeating for the second year in a row is our partnership with City of Westminster College. Next week, students will be presenting a photography exhibition themed around data protection, so if you’re in the area we’d love you to come down and take a look at the fruits of their labour.

Taking responsibility
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) can take many forms, but at its heart is a desire to look beyond the business of making money and selling products to effecting real change in communities. In this regard, Trend Micro has always been an active, socially responsible corporate citizen. From Texas to Cambodia and Belgium to the Philippines, we’ve participated in countless projects to support communities. In fact, since 2008 we’ve been setting aside 1% of the previous year’s post-GAAP profits to fund this Global Citizenship outreach.

This could be anything from building houses in the Philippines to providing relief for Japanese earthquake survivors. And ongoing programs such as Give and Match – where we match the amount raised for charity by our employees each year – and Internet Safety for Kids and Families; our flagship commitment to improving online safety.

The same desire to improve the lot of our local communities was behind our decision to partner up with City of Westminster College in 2014 on a new initiative designed to improve opportunities for students there and in the future.

Securing our futures
Last year’s decision to run a photography exhibition was so successful we’re doing it again this year. Students of the college’s BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma and Extended Diploma Photography courses will be displaying their work at our Paddington Basin offices in London in a new show called Securing Our Futures.

The theme, chosen again by Trend Micro, is all around cyber security, hacking, identity theft and securing personal data on mobile devices and computers. Last year’s exhibition was fantastic so we can’t wait to see what this talented group of students has come up with this time. In the spirit of improving their opportunities at college and for future employment, we’re also currently offering four bursaries available for those moving from first to second year, as well as those progressing from their third year to a Higher Education course.

The exhibition will begin next week Thursday 17th March with a private view, and then open to the public Friday 18th March, 3pm-6pm, at Trend Micro UK HQ.

See you there!


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