Trend Micro @ CYBERUK 2017: Debunking Cloud Myths to Help Drive Digital Change

by Bharat Mistry

Cloud 2.0: that’s the buzzword analysts are applying to the new wave of cloud adoption we’re likely to witness this year. It will see those tried and tested benefits of cost savings, greater business agility, scalability and IT efficiency help to drive new digital transformation projects. This is particularly important in the public sector, where the need to deliver services in more innovative and efficient ways is greater than ever. But there remains one major barrier to such projects: cybersecurity.

That’s why Trend Micro is delighted to be playing a major part in CYBERUK 2017 on the 14th-16th of March 2017 – the government’s biggest and most influential information assurance and security event, hosted by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). We’ll be sponsoring the Strategy Day for the government and public sector stream. And our global CTO Raimund Genes will be sharing his insight and debunking some common cloud security myths for attendees in the process.

A growing threat
We all know the threats facing organisations today have never been greater – from nation states, financially motivated cybercrime gangs and even lone wolf hacktivists. In the run-up to the official opening of the NCSC in February, it was reported that the government had to deflect at least 188 major cyber attacks in the previous three months. Other reports claimed the NCSC itself had helped to block 34,550 “potential attacks” on government and civilians over the previous six months.

For those in the public sector looking to harness the power of the cloud, security and information assurance have therefore never been higher up the agenda. Confusion over how much responsibility the cloud provider takes for securing workloads, versus the customer, can lead to gaps in protection. Then there’s the issue of where data is stored and how it’s moved about – something that will be causing particular concern at the moment given the new penalties and requirements set to be ushered in by the forthcoming European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

And then there’s the growing volume and sophistication of cloud-based threats. Without the right tools in place there are ample opportunities for hackers to steal key data and infect systems – bringing the whole digital transformation piece crashing down.

At the event
That’s why events like CYBERUK 2017 represent a much-needed opportunity for IT practitioners to ask questions, network with peers and listen to industry experts. Every organisation is different, but at these events there’s an opportunity to share information in a hugely productive way which will make us all safer and more secure in the long run.

This year, the NCSC will be hosting the event and sharing its vision for achieving a step change in the UK’s cyber resilience. There’ll be multiple streams focused on various areas including Critical National Infrastructure, defence, and the economy. And you’ll hear from experts including Department for Work and Pensions CSO, Claudia Natanson, and the National Crime Agency’s Richard Wright.

As sponsor of the Government and Public Sector stream on Strategy Day – which kicks off the conference – Trend Micro will be on hand to share our expertise on cloud threats and risk mitigation measures. In his presentation, Raimund will be standing by to do some much-needed myth busting, whilst revealing where IT security leaders need to focus their efforts if they want to keep the bad guys out.

Events like this will go a long way to achieving the NCSC’s aim – to make the UK the safest place to live and do business online. So if you’re wondering how to drive digital transformation without multiplying risk, we’d encourage you to drop by.

What: CYBERUK 2017
Where: ACC Liverpool
When: 14-16 March 2017


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