Trend Micro at VMworld: driving the cloud-powered enterprise

by Bharat Mistry

As a security leader we understand that forging close industry partnerships is vital to ensuring we continue to offer our customers the best protection and optimal performance. In the new era of cloud and virtual environments, this becomes even more important, which is why we’ve been a close partner of VMware’s for a decade now.

Our appearance at VMworld Europe in November will be a great opportunity to articulate how Trend Micro can help VMware customers extend NSX to the public cloud, and drive a closer relationship between security and DevOps to improve hybrid cloud threat protection.

Securing hybrid clouds
UK organisations are migrating to the cloud in their droves: in fact, adoption reached 88% last year, according to the Cloud Industry Forum. But no two organisations are the same. That’s why most will in practice run a mix of on-premise, private and public cloud infrastructure. New offerings like VMware Cloud on AWS help to streamline these hybrid set-ups by allowing IT leaders to run the same foundational platforms across on-premise and public cloud environments.

Security threats, of course, are always just around the corner and tools which haven’t been designed specifically with virtualisation or cloud in mind can leave gaps: for example, exposing organisations to inter-VM attacks, or requiring manual patching which can leave some workloads under-protected.

That’s why Trend Micro’s flagship Deep Security datacentre product has been designed in close co-operation with leading cloud vendors and virtualisation pioneer VMware. For example, it works in harmony with VMware’s network virtualisation offering NSX to extend anti-malware, firewall, IDS/IPS, web application protection, and integrity monitoring to the software-defined datacentre. It supports the micro-segmentation enabled by NSX to lock down workloads, helps streamline the provisioning and deployment process for VMs, and can boost operational efficiency by automating real-time remediation and incident response during attacks.

We also work at another level. Increasingly in this hybrid world IT is decentralising as speed and agility become all-important in the race for digital transformation. This has led to the growing use of containers and DevOps practices. But that makes it more important than ever to embed security “further left” into the development process. And DevSecOps can only thrive with the right tools.

That’s why Trend Micro offers robust automated protection for Docker and Kubernetes environments via Smart Check, along with scanning for container traffic and protection for applications deployed into serverless environments.

At VMworld Europe
The bottom line is that without a secure foundation to build on, cloud projects will most likely fail. In this new age of IT complexity organisations need security engineered from the ground up to work seamlessly with their current platforms. With 30 years’ experience protecting our global customers and strong relationships with all the major players, including VMware, Trend Micro is well positioned to offer maximum protection without affecting performance.

Join us at VMworld for the following presentations:

Enabling Hybrid Cloud Security for NSX and VMWare Cloud on AWS [SAI1032BES]
Bryan Webster, Principal Architect, Trend Micro
Jeremiah Cornelius, Security Envisioning Architect – Partner Products – VMware Global Technology Alliance, VMware
Wednesday, Nov 07, 3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Mind the Gap: Building a closer relationship between Security and DevOps [DEV1031BES]
Bryan Webster, Principal Architect, Trend Micro
Doug Cahill, Group Director and Senior Analyst , Enterprise Strategy Group
Wednesday, Nov 07, 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

We look forward to seeing you in Barcelona next month!

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