The Art of Cybersecurity: A New Message for Infosecurity Europe

by Ian Heritage

Modern cybersecurity bosses operate in a parallel bz universe to the majority of their friends and family. Theirs is a chaotic and volatile world where a determined enemy is continually evolving its tools and tactics to evade detection. Complexity and risk is everywhere, and the stakes couldn’t be higher: financial losses, customer attrition and even social and political instability. The question is: out of all this chaos and complexity, is it possible to create something ordered, and even beautiful?

At Trend Micro we believe there is. That’s why, at Infosecurity Europe next week, we’ll be sharing how — with the right approach — cybersecurity can be elevated to an art form. Join us on Stand #E60 to find out more.

Order out of chaos
At first sight, art and cybersecurity may seem poles apart. But on closer inspection, there are commonalities. Just as a great artist needs vision, a mastery of skill, and passion to create beautiful works, so security vendors must tap these same areas to become leading exponents.

Trend Micro has developed excellence in each over the past three decades. We had the vision to become one of the first companies to secure virtual environments, hybrid cloud and containers, for example. We have the skill to offer a smart, optimised and connected cross-generational blend of threat protection to provide the right security at the right time, rather than rely on transitory ‘silver bullet’ solutions which fail to hit the mark. And we are indebted to our passionate employees who work around the clock and across the globe to keep our customers safe.

Great cybersecurity can be elevated to an art form. But it is constantly challenged by increasing complexity in terms of IT infrastructure, regulatory frameworks and tool bloat, as well as skills shortages and the growth of the cybercrime economy. That’s why at Infosecurity Europe we’ll be looking to share with attendees how Trend Micro solutions can help solve some key pain points.

These include:

  • Seamless DevOps security to drive improvements without slowing time-to-market
  • AI innovations to protect against a growing menace of Business Email Compromise, which netted scammers $1.2bn (£1bn) last year
  • How managed detection and response (MDR) can drive proactive threat hunting to improve organisational resilience, even in the face of skills shortages

Infosec 2019
Also at the show, our keynote speakers will be focusing on the Internet of Things (IoT) threat to organisations:

Securing Smarter Cities: Practical Protocol & Policy

06 Jun 2019, 10:00 – 10:25 Tech Talks

VP of Infrastructure Strategies, Bill Malik, explains where current threats lie in smart city projects, and how firms can address them as cost-effectively as possibly. These efforts will become increasingly important as local authorities look to use IoT systems to improve urban safety, reduce environmental impact and cut costs.

Feel the Flow: Where Water & Energy Industries are Most Vulnerable

06 Jun 2019, 11:45 – 12:30 Geek Street

Director of Trend Micro’s Forward-Looking Threat Research (FTR) team, Robert McArdle, tackles some of the biggest myths about connected critical infrastructure vulnerabilities in the utilities sector. He explains how IT teams can build more resilient and robust incident response strategies by profiling their organisation and gaining visibility into attackers.

Join Trend Micro at stand #E60, where we’ll also be showing off some of the fantastic pieces we commissioned from leading artists, who based their works on actual threat data. In fact, cybersecurity is not just about technical detail, bits and bytes. To combat threats effectively and beat the hackers at their own game, you need to think creatively. That’s the value of cybersecurity as an art form. The more we look outside the industry for inspiration, the better.

What: Infosecurity Europe

Where: London Olympia

When: 4-6 June, 2019

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