Teaming up with Vodafone Business to make SaaS endpoint security simple

by James Walker

For many organisations, the events of 2020 have solidified the need to move to more flexible, cost effective IT systems capable of supporting mass remote working. Yet as they embark on this journey to the cloud, many IT managers are hit by two challenges: how best to secure their users and manage and procure SaaS systems.

These are the challenges that faced award-winning UK Infrastructure and Civil Engineering firm Story Contracting last year. Fortunately, Trend Micro and Vodafone Business were on hand to help.

Making security easy
Story Contracting IT Manager Alex Fletcher was looking to replace his incumbent endpoint security provider as part of a wider migration push to Office 365. The existing solution was on-premise and lacked the advanced functionality that he felt was increasingly important to keep threats at bay today. Fortunately, Story Contracting were able to benefit from a seamless, user-friendly solution via Vodafone Business Marketplace, which provides customers with a single portal from which to purchase licenses and manage their SaaS apps. 

After trialling several security options, Fletcher chose Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Services for 100% SaaS-based endpoint security. The platform offers:

  • A cross-generational blend of advanced threat detection capabilities, including high-fidelity machine learning, behavioural analysis, app control, DLP and much more
  • Simple deployment and ongoing management via a single console
  • Maximum protection for remote workers thanks to a cloud model
  • Endpoint detection and response (EDR) for improved threat visibility
  • Backed by real-time threat intelligence that protects over 250 million global endpoints
  • Support for Windows (desktops and servers), Mac, iOS, and Android devices

The Story goes on
The results have been great. Story Contracting is able to manage its Office 365 and Trend Micro apps through the Vodafone Business Marketplace portal, simplifying the supply chain and benefitting from Vodafone Business as a single point of support. From a Trend Micro perspective, the platform’s web reputation and URL filtering, its ability to block USBs and work shares, and machine learning and behavioural monitoring for advanced threat protection have been particularly well received. Plus, the 100% SaaS model has helped to drive greater business flexibility in what are challenging times.

The deployment has gone so well that Story Contracting is now looking to upgrade to the advanced version of Worry-Free Services, which includes email security, alongside Trend Micro’s Cloud App Security to enhance Office 365’s native controls. 

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