Talking Threats and Cementing Growth at Another Packed Out Infosecurity Europe

by Bharat Mistry

Last week we spent three jam-packed days at Infosecurity Europe 2016: one of the largest events of its kind in the world. As always, it was a great opportunity to share our expertise with some of the 12,000+ attendees who came along. But the show also offered a valuable chance to find out what really matters to information security professionals here in the UK.

It might not surprise you to learn that ransomware and data breaches were two of the hottest topics at the show this year.

Ransomware and breaches
It was hard to go anywhere at the show without hearing about how the industry’s responding to the current ransomware epidemic. Trend Micro has blocked over 100 million such threats and counting for customers since last October, but the deluge is set to continue. Reports suggest the FBI as estimated losses from ransomware at over $200 million for the first quarter alone. Given many cases go unreported, it could be a billion-dollar problem by the end of the year.

Although most threats are aimed at the organisation’s weakest point – its users – and therefore come via web/email gateway and endpoint, the bad guys are always innovating. Increasingly, they’re looking to exploit other network protocols and even servers to infect their enterprise victims. That’s why Trend Micro recommends a layered defence covering off web/email gateway, endpoint, network and server, alongside other measures including regular data back-ups and network segregation.

Also at the show the spectre of data breaches loomed large. And there were tough words from one panel of legal experts, who said that even in the event of a Brexit, the UK will still likely be forced to comply with the European GDPR in order to preserve its digital economy. That means potentially massive fines for those who are found to be in serious breach of the forthcoming law, which will enforce 72-hour breach notifications and other onerous rules on firms.

Worryingly, new research released at the show from Trend Micro found that a fifth (19%) of UK organisations currently avoid notifying customers of data breaches, with just over half (57%) claiming they’re able to notify within 72 hours. This will have to change over the next two years, Brexit or no Brexit.

Reaching out, hitting milestones
We’ve always tried to lead from the front when it comes to cyber security so it was great to see so many turn up to see some of our leading lights share their expertise. VP of Research Rik Ferguson, Global CTO Raimund Genes, and Senior Anti-Malware Engineer David Sancho all had a lot to say during their keynotes and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

It was also fantastic to see so many infosecurity pros turn up at our stand to find out more about how our industry leading range of hybrid cloud, network and complete user endpoint solutions can help them stay on top of a rapidly evolving threat landscape. They kept us busy from start to finish every day.

It’s the kind of engagement that’s seen Trend Micro UK double our UK revenues in just two years and increase headcount by an impressive 80%, with a renewed focus on the channel. That’s seen us train and/or certify over 400 partner contacts over the past 18 months. And the good news is…this is only the beginning.


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