Take Control at CLOUDSEC London this September

by Bharat Mistry

At a fundamental level information security is all about taking back control. It’s about reintroducing order into a chaotic and disordered world. But given the era-defining political upheaval the UK is witnessing at the moment, your average CISO could be forgiven for thinking that their job has just become even harder. Well, good security is also about resilience, and having the tenacity and will to stand firm – sometimes against the odds. But you can’t do this alone.

That’s why Trend Micro’s one-day conference CLOUDSEC is back by popular demand this September. It’ll be packed full of fantastic best practice advice from leading global CISOs, security experts, academics, journalists and more, to help you make better decisions back at the office.

Control and chaos
The IT industry is as advanced as it’s ever been. Cloud computing is transforming organisations everywhere, big data is helping firms gain fascinating new insights into their customers and operations, and the Internet of Things just keeps on pushing the boundaries of innovation. But with these once-in-a-generation advances in technology have come a new set of threats to manage. Cybercriminals are better resourced, more agile and more organised than they’ve ever been. Nation states are widening the net to include an ever growing list of supply chain companies. And no matter what industry you’re in, there could be hacktivists ready to make an example of your organisation.

Data breaches are the new normal. And online extortion has rocketed thanks to mass produced, off-the-shelf ransomware. Even worse, they’re now combining in threats such as CryptXXX which includes information-stealing capabilities alongside classic crypto-ransomware. Trend Micro alone has already blocked 100 million ransomware threats for customers over the past six months, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Amid this threat landscape it becomes increasingly challenging to minimise cyber security-related risk and reassure panicked customers about the safety of their data and the reliability of your services.

But it’s not impossible.

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been years in the making but it will now finally land in 2018. UK firms selling into the EU will still need to comply post-Brexit. But in fact all organisations should continue on the path to compliance – not least because it offers a best practice template on data protection which will encourage CISOs to think about security more holistically.

The power of CLOUDSEC
We’ll be discussing all these issues and more at CLOUDSEC in London on Tuesday 6 September.

CLOUDSEC is a globe-trotting series of one-day events created by Trend Micro to stimulate learning and knowledge sharing among security professionals. This year’s London event will see its best line-up ever, including:

Troels Oerting: Barclays Global CISO
Dr JR Reagan: Deloitte Global CISO
Robert Carolina: Exec director of the Institute for Cyber Security Innovation, Royal Holloway University
Steven Wilson: Head of Cyber Crime Centre (EC3), Europol
Timothy Wallach: Supervisory Special Agent, FBI Cyber Task Force
Raimund Genes: Trend Micro Global CTO
Rik Ferguson: Trend Micro VP Security Research

You’ll hear these industry experts and many more debate and discuss the challenges of collaboration with law enforcement; the latest threat trends; the shadow economy; and key questions every CEO should be asking about cybersecurity.

So join us at CLOUDSEC and let’s take control back together, to overcome the threats of today and tomorrow.

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