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The Future Now: Why Firms Need to Get a Secure Grip on Wearables

by Raimund Genes

The use of wearable technology in the UK workplace is soaring, according to a new study we just published in conjunction with Vanson Bourne. Over two-thirds (69%) of enterprise IT leaders say staff bring wearables to work and 91% claim these numbers will increase over the coming year. But what about the privacy and corporate information security risks involved? Will wearables turn BYOD into an unmanageable security blackhole? And what additional security steps might be necessary to lock down risk in this area?

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The Internet of Things: to Go Faster we Need Better Brakes

Internet of Everything There’s an old analogy often used by commentators when discussing cyber security-related matters. Brakes were invented not to slow down cars but to enable them to travel faster more safely, the story goes. In a similar way, information security should be designed into systems from the start not to impede but to enable them to be used to their full potential. Nowhere is this more appropriate than when we talk about the Internet of Things (IoT).
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