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Trend Micro a Double Winner at V3 Technology Awards as Deep Security and Deep Discovery Impress

by Bharat Mistry

The UK’s IT decision makers have it pretty tough. On the one hand the sheer range, volume and persistence of threats today make it virtually impossible to keep digital corporate assets 100% safe. But on the other, the outrageous hyperbole spread by security vendors in what is an increasingly crowded market makes finding the right tools more challenging than it’s ever been. In these situations, the opinions of journalists, independent reviewers and customers themselves become incredibly important. Continue reading

Shortlisted Again: Vote Trend Micro in the V3 Awards

by Simon Edwards

The UK’s IT leaders are facing an unprecedented and unenviable set of security challenges today. Threats could come from anywhere in the world, and any source – be it financially motivated cybercrime gangs, determined state sponsored operatives or ‘lone wolf’ hacktivists. People and process are of course an important part of the fightback. But so too is having the right technology to hand to keep today’s huge range of threats at bay.

Yet knowing which vendors to trust here is far from straightforward. That’s why we’re delighted that Trend Micro Deep Security and Deep Discovery have both been shortlisted for the upcoming V3 Technology Awards 2016. It’s great validation for us but will also help IT buyers in their search for industry-leading security tools. Continue reading

Extortion, Destruction and Lethal IoT Failures Make 2016 a Year to Watch

by Bharat Mistry

It’s been a pretty hectic 12 months, but for UK CISOs the bad news is that 2016 is unlikely to bring with it any respite. Over the past year we’ve seen a never-ending avalanche of data breaches, nation state espionage attacks and hacktivist campaigns; sophisticated new malware; and a return of some old attack techniques. And all of this against an ever more volatile regulatory compliance backdrop that threatens to turn up the pressure even more next year.

We’ll be doing our bit by continuing to protect our customers from the latest threats with innovative new products, and working with law enforcement to hit the bad guys where it hurts. But security bosses should also start planning now to overcome the key challenges Trend Micro predicts for 2016.

A year in security
Organisations on both sides of the Atlantic showed they are still ill-equipped to cope with targeted attacks and continue to make basic security errors allowing hackers to strike. Whether it was the apparently insider-related attack on infidelity site Ashley Madison or the more traditional targeted intrusions at major US healthcare firms Anthem and Premera and the massive OPM federal breach, it was no real surprise that the data breaches kept on coming in 2015. The UK had its fair share of incidents too, many of which were punished by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The TalkTalk breach turned out to be less serious than at first thought but shows that some British firms are no better at securing customer data than their global counterparts.

At a nation state level our tracking of the Pawn Storm crew’s attacks on NATO members and the White House proved it’s not just China and the US with cyber espionage capabilities. And a devastating strike which took out several TV5Monde TV channels reminded us of the real world damage that cyber attacks can inflict. It was disappointing to see the results of a new Quocirca study sponsored by Trend Micro which found that although complacency about breaches has dropped this year, 12% of the firms that said they’d been targeted didn’t know whether data had been taken or not. Some didn’t even know how much data they’d lost.

Another study we released, this time with the Ponemon Institute, warned of the threat to privacy and security from nascent IoT technologies.

Fighting back
We’ve done our best to help our customers stem the rising tide of attacks this past year, beyond providing industry leading products which received accolades from the likes of NSS Labs (Deep Discovery), Gartner, the V3 Awards (Deep Security) and the IAIR Awards (cloud security company of the year). Deep Security’s virtual patching capabilities have helped countless businesses continue to run Windows Server 2003 beyond the deadline for end of support earlier this year. And a landmark MoU agreement with the NCA has seen our threat researchers working hand-in-hand with the crime agency on cases – already resulting in the arrest of two suspects in the UK. Those same researchers have also lifted the lid on the shadowy Deep Web cybercrime markets of Japan, China, Germany and beyond in some fantastic reports this year.

We’ve also been awarded the “EICAR trusted IT security” seal of quality for Deep Security, Deep Discovery and OfficeScan – independent proof that none of these products have been tampered with by nation states.

Trouble ahead
But unfortunately the hard work never stops. Already lined up for next year are major changes to the regulatory environment, with the European General Data Protection Regulation and Network and Information Security Directive set to be finalised. And there’s a new Safe Harbour agreement to be thrashed out with US negotiators. Organisations desperately need their own Data Protection Officers (DPOs) to handle these coming compliance requirements and co-ordinate an effective response to data security threats. Yet we predict that fewer than 50% of organisations will have one installed by the end of next year.

Our other predictions for 2016 include the following:

  • Threats will increasingly focus on extortion
  • A failure in at least one consumer-grade IoT device will prove lethal
  • Mobile malware will hit 20 million, driven by China
  • Destructive cyber attacks will increase
  • Ad blocking will kill malvertising
  • Cybercrime prevention efforts will get more successful

Check out our latest report, The Fine Line: 2016 Security Predictions, for more. And we wish you all a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.


Award-Winning Cloud Security: Deep Security Triumphs at V3 Technology Awards

by Bharat Mistry

All over the UK and across the globe, organisations are waking up to the transformative benefits of cloud computing. Whether it’s software-as-a-service, PaaS or IaaS, it offers IT managers a whole new computing platform on which to drive greater efficiency, business agility and even cost savings. But fail to secure your data and that major cloud project could be making headlines for all the wrong reasons. It’s no surprise that cloud security market is predicted to soar by nearly 50% over the next few years.

At Trend Micro we were one of the first cyber security vendors in the industry to spot the potential, and the dangers, of doing business in the cloud. So it was fantastic to see our flagship platform Deep Security voted Best Cloud Security Product at the V3 Technology Awards 2015 last Friday.

A shared responsibility
Cloud adoption is growing at a rate we’ve barely seen before. Goldman Sachs predicted recently that the global market for infrastructure and platform services would grow at nearly 20% CAGR from 2015 to 2018 – more than doubling over the next three years to reach a staggering $43 billion. But where there’s money, there’s usually cybercrime, and the cloud is no different. As more and more organisations start their journey to the cloud, online attackers are finding that there are some commonly overlooked security holes ripe for exploiting.

Many IT leaders make the mistake of trying to apply traditional security tools into their virtual or cloud environments. This simply won’t do. The sheer number of VMs to be scanned and updated simultaneously means that agent-based security can lead to resource contention and AV “storms” – threatening to wipe out all the productivity and efficiency benefits of the cloud. There’s also a wider issue of IT buyers failing to appreciate their security responsibilities when embarking on a cloud project. Most providers will take care of some security in the datacentre, but the buck still stops with the customer when it comes to keeping corporate data safe.

Award-winning protection
When we first released Deep Security onto the market several years ago there was still a certain amount of education that had to be done to highlight these challenges to IT managers. The market itself was still in its very early stages, with relatively little choice out there. That’s not the case today of course. In fact, the latest estimates from Research and Markets suggest the global cloud security software market will grow at a CAGR of 48.46% over the period 2014-2019. In that report, Trend Micro is placed firmly in the top category of just four Key Vendors.

But we know there’s a lot of choice out there for IT security bosses looking to secure their cloud-based data. So it’s always pleasing to have our products validated by an independent third party. On Friday, enterprise technology website V3.co.uk announced its much anticipated Technology Awards 2015 winners at a ceremony at five star luxury hotel The Montcalm in central London. We were thrilled to see Deep Security take the award for Best Cloud Security Product. What’s particularly pleasing about these awards is that the nominees are shortlisted first by a panel of experts and then voted for finally by V3 readers – who are primarily enterprise IT staff.

With Deep Security you get comprehensive, award-winning protection for your physical, cloud or virtual servers, with the following:

  • Anti-malware with web reputation
  • File and system integrity monitoring for compliance and targeted attacks prevention
  • Intrusion detection and protection to shield unpatched vulnerabilities
  • Stateful firewall to provide a customizable perimeter around each server
  • Log inspection to identify targeted attacks and other security events
  • Designed to be cloud and virtual-ready, so there are no resource constraints or performance hits
  • Instant-on security protects each VM wherever it is, helping customers meet their shared security responsibilities in the cloud

If you want to find out more about why the readers and editors of V3.co.uk liked our flagship cloud security platform so much, get in touch today.