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Trend Micro continues to support legacy Microsoft platforms at no extra cost

by Laura Todd

Managing cyber-risk across multiple IT environments can be a major challenge. Without the right protection, legacy software in particular can become more exposed to threats. Yet tight budgets leave little wriggle room for IT security decision makers. So what happens if your incumbent security supplier decides to start charging extra to support these end-of-life platforms? Do you downgrade to a cheaper tool offering less protection? Or even consider refreshing the entire endpoint estate to a new operating system?

Fortunately, with Trend Micro, CISOs must make no such trade-offs. Unlike some providers, you get industry leading protection for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows SBS 2011 at no extra cost.

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Global Trend Micro Study Finds Cloud Migration Challenges for Healthcare Organizations

by Bharat Mistry

Few organisations have been placed under pressure as extreme over the past year as those working in healthcare. In many cases, this has been a catalyst for rapid digital transformation. Yet with healthcare organisations (HCOs) stretched to the limit, security gaps inevitably appear in systems that support life-saving work on the COVID-19 front line. 

As 2020 showed, many cyber-criminals have no qualms about disrupting HCOs, and putting lives at risk, in order to extort victims with ransomware and data theft. To find out more on exactly how fast the pandemic is driving cloud adoption, and how well the sector understands its cybersecurity challenges, Trend Micro commissioned a global study of more than 2,500 IT decision makers in 28 countries across several industry sectors, including healthcare. 

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Virtual patching: why healthcare IT needs digital face masks

by Toby Hart

Virtual patching: why healthcare IT needs digital face masks 

Complexity is everywhere in modern healthcare IT. It is defined by the curious blend of legacy and modern computing systems that power the NHS: from SaaS apps and cloud servers to remote working laptops and on-premises datacentres. This complexity creates security and compliance risk, particularly as all of those IT assets must be patched to protect them from cyber-threats. Doing so is easier said than done.

This is where virtual patching comes into its own. Think of the technology as a digital equivalent of the face masks providing life-saving protection to NHS staff every day. Virtual patching is low cost, non-invasive, easy-to-use and highly effective.

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Supporting our customers’ cloud journeys with two new Sales Engineer Managers

by Bharat Mistry

Trend Micro works hard to develop industry leading technology. It’s what has kept us at the front of the pack for over three decades. But there’s more to it than that. As a committed channel business, we also have an important role to play in ensuring our partners can deliver these solutions to end customers. That has become more challenging during the pandemic, even as the need for our cloud security and threat detection and response platforms grows even more acute.

That’s why I’m delighted to announce two new Sales Engineer Managers (SEMs): Gavin Evans and Lee Carass. They’ll be ably supported by a fantastic team of dedicated Trenders working hand-in-hand during 2021 to drive value for us and our partners.

A year of threats
It’s been a turbulent year for UK businesses, with cybersecurity professionals caught very much in the centre of the storm. The abrupt shift to remote working and spike in cloud adoption driven by the crisis helped many organisations stay afloat. But these same firms threaten to be submerged as cyber-criminals zero-in on security gaps. These range from distracted remote workers, who may be susceptible to phishing emails and working from unsecured devices, to misconfigured cloud infrastructure and unpatched SaaS applications.

Increasingly we learned last year that financially motivated cyber-criminals, especially those touting ransomware, were adopting techniques more commonly associated with sophisticated APT groups. It puts an even greater pressure on security professionals to detect and respond to attacks as quickly as possible, before threats have had a chance to make a serious impact on the organisation. 

Made for this
Trend Micro’s Cloud One and Vision One platforms were made for this. They offer a comprehensive range of capabilities to automate and enhance cloud security and threat detection and response, respectively. But it’s not enough to have the best products on the market. We need a thriving ecosystem of trusted channel partners that know the products inside-out—experts who can articulate with passion and precision how they can help their end customers’ key security pain points.

That’s where Gavin and Lee come in. As our new UK & Ireland SEMs they’ll be working hard this year to take Trend Micro and our channel ecosystem to the next strategic level of partnership and engagement. This means going beyond the bits and bytes of the technology—although that is still important—to think strategically about how Trend Micro can secure their customers’ journey to the cloud. Gavin will focus on driving strategic conversations within the partner community, while Lee will share his considerable expertise with enterprise customers.

A unique place to work
It won’t be easy. While COVID-19 is certainly driving the need for industry leading cybersecurity solutions to protect digital investments, it’s also creating a few practical problems. Face-to-face meetings with our solutions engineers and partner CISOs is a vital part of the SEM’s job, for example, but these will have to be put on hold for a while. 

The good news is that Gavin and Lee will have a fantastic team working under them, imbued with the dedication, passion and deep technical expertise that makes this such a unique place to work. Good luck to them and everyone on the channel team this year.