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What the BlackEnergy Attacks Can Teach UK Critical Infrastructure Firms

by Ross Dyer

Looking back at the past 12 months you could be forgiven for thinking that cyber security is about little more than stopping data breaches and ransomware. These two trends have certainly dominated the headlines of late. But there’s another strain of cyber threat, which is potentially far more serious than losing some data – however damaging that might be to a company or individual. I’m talking about attacks on critical national infrastructure (CNI) designed to cause physical damage and disruption. Continue reading

After Chatham House Report, How SCADA Operators Can ‘Nuke’ Cyber Threats

by Ross Dyer

Renowned think tank Chatham House this week published a new report warning that those in charge of the UK’s nuclear facilities have underestimated the risk of a serious cyber attack. While some of the sensational tabloid headlines it generated are somewhat wide of the mark, the report nevertheless highlights again the potentially catastrophic effects of cyber attacks on SCADA and industrial control systems (ICS).

It should provide food for thought for any CISO tasked with securing such systems. Continue reading

Don’t Overhype the CNI Threat

Warnings about an imminent “Cyber 9-11”, or a “Virtual Pearl Harbour”, have been with us for years. The most recent was from top US regulator Bejamin Lawsky, head of the New York State Department of Financial Services, who last week voiced public concerns about an “Armageddon-type cyber event”.

Now, most often such dire predictions are used to urge Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) firms to better shore up their defences and improve resilience against possible intrusion. After all, a Unisys report a few months back claimed that 70% of CNI organisations suffered breaches in the past year and 78% of senior security officials said a successful attack on their ICS and SCADA systems was likely in the next 24 months.

Continue reading