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Security Flaws Common on Most Popular Smartwatches

by Bharat Mistry

According to a new piece of research we conducted with First Base Technologies, the security features on some of the market’s most popular smartwatches have been found to be poor.

Our study, which revealed security flaws in all six of big brand smartwatches on the market, stress-tested devices on physical protection, data connections and information stored to provide definitive results on which ones pose the biggest risk to consumers. Continue reading

Why WikiLeaks’ Sony Data Dump Raises the Stakes for Advanced Attack Protection

by Raimund Genes

Last week, WikiLeaks published a searchable online trove of over 30,000 documents and 173,000 emails relating to breached movie giant Sony Pictures Entertainment. Whether or not you believe the non-profit whistleblowing organisation was right to do so, the news should serve as a further warning to IT and security leaders. Information security breaches can have damaging repercussions long after the initial attack. So it pays to find ways of rooting out advanced targeted attacks early on, before they have a chance to dig in and cause serious and lasting damage. Continue reading

What CISOs Can Learn from the Sony Pictures Attack

by Ross Dyer

One of the things you’ll hear some CISOs grumble about from time to time is how tricky it can be sometimes persuading the business to release more funds. The skill of the good security chief, of course, is in translating highly technical concepts into a language the board will understand. But even so, it can be a tough sell when the end result of thousands of pounds of investment is … precisely nothing. With cyber security you’re effectively buying insurance against a damaging breach.

So it was interesting last week to see Sony declare that it spent a whopping $15 million on investigation and remediation after major cyber attack last year. It gives just a small insight into the potential financial impact of failing to adequately ‘insure’ your organisation against attack. Continue reading

The reality of the Sony Pictures breach

The data breach at Sony Pictures has become one of the biggest cybersecurity stories of 2014. Following the exposure of approximately 100TB of corporate data, the movie “The Interview,” scheduled for Christmas release in theaters, has been pulled under apparent political pressure from the attack’s perpetrators, a group calling itself the Guardians of Peace. Continue reading