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Securing DevOps for a new post-pandemic digital age

by Bharat Mistry

UK organisations are at the cutting edge in digital adoption, especially those in certain industries like fintech. But although their efforts are delivering undoubted benefits to customers, employees and shareholders, they also expand the potential attack surface. One key example is applications, which are a vital part of any digital innovation drive, but may introduce new vulnerabilities lurking in shared open source code.

This makes it increasingly important for IT and digital managers to focus on code-level risks and bugs, not only in the deployed environment but throughout the application development lifecycle.

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Securing our cloud-connected world in 2020

By Ross Baker

It’s been a tough year for CISOs. The past 12 months has seen another spike in data breaches, cloud misconfigurations, and security threats at a DevOps layer. Ransomware is up, filelessmalware is on the rise, and business email compromise continues to increase. Trend Micro alone blocked over  26.8 billion unique threats in the first half of the year. With no let-up in store for 2020, cybersecurity leaders need to ensure they work with trusted partners — vendors with a clear vision of the future.

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