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Ransomware: The Fightback Starts Here

by Simon Walsh

Barely a day has gone by already this year without another ransomware incident hitting the headlines. These insidious malware campaigns, which typically lock users out of their machines until they pay up, are fast becoming the favourite way for cybercriminals to make money. In fact, some figures suggest ransomware comprised as much as half of all malware attacks last year. While this is an annoyance for consumers, the effects on businesses can be even worse – leading to serious service disruption and potentially major associated costs. Continue reading

Sheltering From Pawn Storm: How Multi-Layered Protection Can Combat Zero Day Threats

by Bharat Mistry

We’ve been raising awareness around the dangers of targeted attacks and APTs for several years now. There are many things organisations can do to minimise the risk of serious data loss via such an incident – not least to invest in cyber security tools from an industry leader. But sometimes we come across groups whose advanced attack techniques can overwhelm all but the most heavily defended organisations.

Pawn Storm is one such campaign. Recently we discovered a new weapon in the group’s formidable arsenal, which has already been fired at several foreign ministries around the world. Continue reading