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Sheltering From Pawn Storm: How Multi-Layered Protection Can Combat Zero Day Threats

by Bharat Mistry

We’ve been raising awareness around the dangers of targeted attacks and APTs for several years now. There are many things organisations can do to minimise the risk of serious data loss via such an incident – not least to invest in cyber security tools from an industry leader. But sometimes we come across groups whose advanced attack techniques can overwhelm all but the most heavily defended organisations.

Pawn Storm is one such campaign. Recently we discovered a new weapon in the group’s formidable arsenal, which has already been fired at several foreign ministries around the world. Continue reading

TV5 Monde, Russia and the CyberCaliphate

by Rik Ferguson

Yesterday evening French magazine L’Express published a report linking an attack against TV5 Monde very firmly to the Russian state. The attack, which knocked 11 of its global channels off air for a period of time and resulted in a compromised website and Facebook page, took place back in April.

At the time when the attack took place, a group calling itself CyberCaliphate immediately took responsibility for the hack and went on to publish details purportedly of serving French military personnel involved in the struggle against Islamic State or ISIS. The attribution at the time seems simple and immediate; Islamic Extremist motivated hacktivism. Continue reading

Operation Pawn Storm: How to Spot and Block APTs

by Ross Dyer

Most recently, our dedicated team of threat researches at TrendLabs  uncovered a sophisticated and ongoing cyber espionage campaign known as Operation Pawn Storm targeting military, embassies, defence contractors and media organizations in the US and its allied countries. Let’s dig a bit deeper. Continue reading