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Fighting Back Against State-Sponsored Hacking with ‘Backdoor-Free’ Certification

by Raimund Genes

CISOs these days have a lot to keep them awake at night. Threats grow more sophisticated, varied and voluminous than ever before. IT environments become more complex to manage and secure as new cloud and virtual systems are slotted in beside legacy technology, expanding the attack surface. Then there are the bad guys: not just cybercrime gangs or lone hacktivists now but also potentially state-backed groups. With such a backdrop cyber security vendors have a responsibility to their customers to prove their products are as robust and trustworthy as they possibly can be.

That’s why Trend Micro is thrilled to have been awarded the “EICAR trusted IT security” seal of quality. Continue reading

Fighting Back Against State-Sponsored Hacking of AV Tools

by Raimund Genes

It’s never been easy taking the fight to the cybercriminals. Over the past few years we’ve seen our online adversaries become ever more determined, better resourced and adept at sidestepping whatever roadblocks we try to put in their path. But even given the soaring volume and increasing sophistication of threats today we’ve become pretty good at protecting our customers. Unfortunately, recent revelations over state-sponsored attempts to hack security companies have shown that we’re now also facing another foe much closer to home. Continue reading

As SCADA Threats Grow: How to Lock Down Risk

by Ross Dyer

Another day, another warning of an impending cyber security crisis in the West. However, this time it’s come from the lips of former NSA and US Cyber Command boss General Keith Alexander. Last week he claimed that Western energy firms are unprepared for a potentially “catastrophic attack” on their infrastructure. The worst case scenario could involve a synchronised blitz on power plants, refineries and the national grid, possibly accompanied by a simultaneous attack on the banking system. Continue reading