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Going for Gold: Trend Micro Brings Cloud Security Message to Microsoft Future Decoded

By Bharat Mistry

Cloud infrastructure services have done much to accelerate digital transformation across the globe. By outsourcing to providers like Microsoft, Google and AWS, organisations can take advantage of huge cost savings and IT efficiencies to become more agile, growth and innovation-centric businesses. Yet security remains a major barrier for many. That’s why Trend Micro continues to work closely with the biggest IaaS providers out there — offering highly integrated cloud protection to accelerate time-to-value for digital transformation.
We’re taking this message to Microsoft’s Future Decoded event in London next week as a Gold Sponsor, so drop by to Stand 27 and catch our presentations at the show if you can.

A barrier to growth
It’s no surprise that cloud security continues to be a concern for organisations. While IaaS offers fantastic benefits, it introduces a new computing model which traditional security tools are ill-equipped to protect. For one thing, there’s often confusion over which part of the cloud stack customers are responsible for protecting. The answer may be more than you think: all the guest operating systems, applications, and data you put in.
Then there are the security gaps that can appear as IT security teams struggle to gain unified control over their multi-cloud and hybrid environments. The dynamic nature of cloud workloads also introduces challenges, demanding that protection be applied as soon as instances are spun up. These issues are multiplied with new container and microservices architectures which typically feature even more moving parts.

It’s no surprise that security is the number one barrier to cloud adoption, cited by 43% of IT professionals surveyed earlier this year.

Automation and consolidation
Trend Micro has been working with providers like Microsoft for years to allay these fears. Our Deep Security platform is Azure certified and we are a Gold application development partner. Deep Security provides robust protection for cloud applications and data including container environments, through a comprehensive range of capabilities. These include anti-malware, IDS, integrity monitoring, behavioural analysis, and machine learning.

A single agent covers all physical, virtual and cloud environments, simplifying management and eliminating blind spots. Most importantly, protection is automated, with policies pushed out to each new Azure instance as soon as it is spun up — providing security that scales.

At Future Decoded, our cloud security architect, Ian Heritage will be taking to the stage to share his vision of cyber defence for the cloud-first enterprise. Too many organisations still view security as an afterthought, which leads to project delays down the line when problems inevitably occur. He’ll argue that by consolidating onto a single vendor and focusing on security automation from the very start, IT leaders can actually accelerate digital transformation.

If you’re going to the show, be sure to catch his presentation, or come down to Stand 27 to find out more about how Trend Micro can support your Azure projects.

What: Microsoft Future Decoded
Where: ExCel London, E16 1XL
When: 1-2 October, 2019
Cyber Defence for the Cloud-First Enterprise: 2 October: 13.15-13.40, Expo Theatre 2

Helping to drive secure digital transformation with Amazon Web Services

by Bharat Mistry

To call cloud computing transformational is an understatement. All over the globe deployments are enabling firms to go further and faster than they’ve ever gone before, driving agility, cost efficiencies and innovation-fuelled growth. But security and compliance remain key challenges for organisations looking to drive maximum value from their cloud investments. That’s why Trend Micro has partnered closely with the leading public cloud platform providers over the years, to offer a comprehensive set of capabilities to our mutual customers.

On Tuesday September 17 we’ll be joining one of these partners, Amazon Web Services (AWS), at its AWS Transformation Day in London to share our expertise with attendees.

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Countdown to CLOUDSEC: don’t miss this week’s top cybersecurity event

by Bharat Mistry

Reading the IT news headlines every day can have a dizzying effect. Things move at such a pace it can be difficult to detach and see the bigger picture. In just the past few days alone, we’ve seen a major DDoS attack take Wikipedia offline across most of Europe and parts of the Middle East. We’ve also witnessed one of the men behind the notorious Satori IoT botnet plead guilty. And we’ve seen a Japanese car maker become the latest firm to suffer a major BEC incident: this time costing the firm in excess of $37m.

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NATO is adapting to the new reality of cyber-threats: CLOUDSEC will help you do the same

by Bharat Mistry

It’s sometimes easy to forget how far and fast the threat landscape has evolved in just a few short years. We now live in a world where attacks by nation states are no longer a threat to just a handful of critical infrastructure (CNI) providers, but virtually any organisation. Accordingly, NATO’s secretary-general has issued a well-timed reminder that the military alliance would hit back hard if one of its member nations is attacked.

NATO is adapting to the “new reality” of cyber-threats that are “more frequent, more complex and more destructive,” he said. CISOs must too: and Trend Micro’s CLOUDSEC conference next month offers a great opportunity to find out how.

A new era
The article by Jens Stoltenberg this week is not the first time NATO has said a serious cyber-attack could invoke Article 5, where an attack against one ally is regarded as an attack on all. However, the fact that he has been forced to repeat the warning is significant. It reflects a new era characterised by aggressive nation state cyber-activity and concerns over just how exposed organisations, and society in general, are to attacks. 

As NotPetya and WannaCry showed us, nation state hackers can cause global chaos to organisations of all shapes and sizes, whether they planned to or not. For smaller firms, such attacks could have a catastrophic impact. New research from insurer Gallagher this week revealed that nearly a quarter of UK SMEs were hit by a “crisis” event cyber-attack last year, costing them a combined £8.8bn. The firm calculated that as many as 57,000 such firms could be at risk of collapse this year if hit by an attack which forced them to stop trading.

Even larger enterprises may find serious ransomware outages and data breaches result in brand and financial damage that’s hard to recover from. For Stoltenberg, the key to mitigating the growing threat from cyberspace is by increasing resources, improving legal and institutional frameworks and sharingexpertise.

CLOUDSEC is here to help
It’s in this last sphere that CLOUDSEC comes into play. This popular one-day cybersecurity conference hosted by Trend Micro annually brings together leading industry experts from academia, law enforcement, government and the private sector to debate the issues of the day. This year is no different. We have a former White House CIO; the UN’s cybercrime advisor; the former head of the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit; CISOs from Stena, Oxford University and Thomson Reuters; and several threat experts from Trend Micro, among many others.

CLOUDSEC offers a valuable opportunity for attendees tolisten to their insight into the threat landscape and current industry trends, and experiences working in high-profile and extreme high-pressure roles. But that’s not all: the event also offers a fantastic networking opportunity for IT security leaders to hear from their peers in the industry, in an informal setting.

Like NATO, the modern CISO has to contend with a reality today where cyber-threats are the new normal. In this context, gaining as much situational awareness and tactical insight as possible is a no-brainer. Make sure you confirm your place today!

What: CLOUDSEC 2019
When: 13 September 2019
Where: Old Billingsgate Market, London