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Supporting the Scottish public sector during Cyber Scotland Week 2020

by James Munroe

Some of the most important work we do at Trend Micro is with central governments and local authorities. These organisations are the custodians of highly sensitive citizen data and operate services critical to society. Cyber-attacks are a major threat to both.

That’s why we’ll be sponsoring Holyrood Connect’s Scottish Public Sector Cyber Security Conference later this month. Drop by to see how Trend Micro can help your organisation better manage cyber risk.

On the frontline
Public sector IT managers have a difficult job. On the one hand, they’re faced with escalating threats designed to steal sensitive citizen data and extort money through ransomware. Recent FOI data revealed that UK councils are hit with cyber-attacks numbering as many as 800 every hour. Yet they must tackle these threats with minimal budgets. Just 18% claim to have cyber insurance in place, for example.

All of this is happening against a backdrop of digitalisation, as public sector bodies like those in Scotland migrate more services to the cloud to improve efficiencies and reduce costs. Yet if not managed securely, this can widen the attack surface of these organisations.

At Trend Micro we advocate multi-layered defence, built around a blend of cross-generational techniques across the endpoint, network, and hybrid cloud. Sourcing these from a single vendor makes most sense, as you can close down visibility gaps, optimise performance and reduce costs.

Our Cloud App Security (CAS) offering is particularly popular with government agencies and authorities that are keen to add an extra security layer to their Office 365 and file sharing deployments.

We’re a proud sponsor of the Holyrood Connect Scottish Public Sector Cyber Security Conference later this month. To find out more, do drop by to our stand to see how Trend Micro can help your organisation drive digital transfomation whilst minimising cyber risk.

What: Holyrood Connect’s Scottish Public Sector Cyber Security Conference 
Where: Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh
When: 18-19 February

Making the Internet a Safer Place for Our Children

by Matt Huggins

Did you know it’s Safer Internet Day today? The global awareness-raising event plays an important role in promoting mutual respect online and the responsible use of technology. The latest research released to coincide with the event highlights perfectly the light and shade of the internet world. Some 40% of 8-17-year-olds said they’ve felt worried or anxious online in the past week, but on the other hand, 83% said they’ve experienced kindness on the internet over the past year.

At Trend Micro, we’re busy all week with a range of activities designed to promote the positive, while raising awareness of the dangers facing young people online. Continue reading

Internet Safety: Reaching Out to Parents Via the Beautiful Game

by Matt Huggins

There are two things in this world that you can just about guarantee most kids will love: football and the internet. Well, we’ve been doing our best to bring the two closer together in a new campaign to help educate parents about the dangers facing their children online. Together with partner SecureIT Consult, we recently sponsored a 25th anniversary party at Timperley FC. And we’re planning to use this and potentially other clubs in future as a base to get more parents cyber-literate. Continue reading

Trend Micro @ CYBERUK 2017: Debunking Cloud Myths to Help Drive Digital Change

by Bharat Mistry

Cloud 2.0: that’s the buzzword analysts are applying to the new wave of cloud adoption we’re likely to witness this year. It will see those tried and tested benefits of cost savings, greater business agility, scalability and IT efficiency help to drive new digital transformation projects. This is particularly important in the public sector, where the need to deliver services in more innovative and efficient ways is greater than ever. But there remains one major barrier to such projects: cybersecurity. Continue reading