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The Internet of Things: it’s in our Hospitals … But is it Safe?

by Bharat Mistry

Many of us probably don’t know it yet, but already the Internet of Things is creeping into every corner of our lives. From connected cars to on-board sensors inside aircraft, wearable fitness bands to smart cities – the possibilities are almost limitless for this new computing paradigm. Healthcare is one industry which has taken to the IoT with gusto, especially in the States where investment in new technologies tends to be ahead of the UK. Yes, networked devices can dramatically improve healthcare outcomes and patient wellbeing. But the problem is that manufacturers just aren’t putting enough thought into security and privacy at the design phase.

The result? Products are rushed to market with major security vulnerabilities, as one new piece of research has just found. Presenting at DerbyCon last weekend, two researchers claimed to have found 68,000 exposed IoT devices at just one unnamed healthcare organization. Continue reading

Minister Warns of Driverless Car Hacking? Let’s Address Legal Issues First

by Raimund Genes

Transport minister Claire Perry warned this week that hackers may look to disrupt driverless car systems in the future for political or economic ends. “The more we move to technologically assisted forms of transport, whether it’s smart motorways or driver assisted vehicles, there is also a risk of cyber hacking – so we are mindful of that,” she told the Commons transport committee. Continue reading

Bashing the Bug: Recap on Shellshock

by Ross Dyer

You’ll have heard of the Bash bug, or the Shellshock vulnerability, which has been dominating information security headlines for most of the past weeks. But the more information piles up the harder it can be to sift through the noise and work out exactly what you should be doing to mitigate the threat.
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The Internet of Things: to Go Faster we Need Better Brakes

Internet of Everything There’s an old analogy often used by commentators when discussing cyber security-related matters. Brakes were invented not to slow down cars but to enable them to travel faster more safely, the story goes. In a similar way, information security should be designed into systems from the start not to impede but to enable them to be used to their full potential. Nowhere is this more appropriate than when we talk about the Internet of Things (IoT).
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