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Fighting Back Against State-Sponsored Hacking with ‘Backdoor-Free’ Certification

by Raimund Genes

CISOs these days have a lot to keep them awake at night. Threats grow more sophisticated, varied and voluminous than ever before. IT environments become more complex to manage and secure as new cloud and virtual systems are slotted in beside legacy technology, expanding the attack surface. Then there are the bad guys: not just cybercrime gangs or lone hacktivists now but also potentially state-backed groups. With such a backdrop cyber security vendors have a responsibility to their customers to prove their products are as robust and trustworthy as they possibly can be.

That’s why Trend Micro is thrilled to have been awarded the “EICAR trusted IT security” seal of quality. Continue reading

The NCA’s Cyber Crime Strike Should Refocus Corporate Security Efforts

by Ross Dyer

UK law enforcers were in celebratory mood last week after a major co-ordinated strike against cyber criminals across the country. In total, 57 suspects were arrested in 25 separate operations nationwide for a range of offences, from DDoS to phishing and online fraud to malware distribution. One suspect was even arrested on suspicion of hacking US Department of Defence systems. Continue reading

Minister Warns of Driverless Car Hacking? Let’s Address Legal Issues First

by Raimund Genes

Transport minister Claire Perry warned this week that hackers may look to disrupt driverless car systems in the future for political or economic ends. “The more we move to technologically assisted forms of transport, whether it’s smart motorways or driver assisted vehicles, there is also a risk of cyber hacking – so we are mindful of that,” she told the Commons transport committee. Continue reading

Predicting 2015: UK Braced for Targeted Attacks

by Raimund Genes

It’s that time of the year again – when security experts are called upon to take stock of the past 12 months and get their crystal balls out to predict the major industry trends for the coming year. Trend Micro always aims to be first to provide a comprehensive assessment of the threat landscape over the next 12 months and 2014 is no different. Continue reading