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Supporting our customers’ cloud journeys with two new Sales Engineer Managers

by Bharat Mistry

Trend Micro works hard to develop industry leading technology. It’s what has kept us at the front of the pack for over three decades. But there’s more to it than that. As a committed channel business, we also have an important role to play in ensuring our partners can deliver these solutions to end customers. That has become more challenging during the pandemic, even as the need for our cloud security and threat detection and response platforms grows even more acute.

That’s why I’m delighted to announce two new Sales Engineer Managers (SEMs): Gavin Evans and Lee Carass. They’ll be ably supported by a fantastic team of dedicated Trenders working hand-in-hand during 2021 to drive value for us and our partners.

A year of threats
It’s been a turbulent year for UK businesses, with cybersecurity professionals caught very much in the centre of the storm. The abrupt shift to remote working and spike in cloud adoption driven by the crisis helped many organisations stay afloat. But these same firms threaten to be submerged as cyber-criminals zero-in on security gaps. These range from distracted remote workers, who may be susceptible to phishing emails and working from unsecured devices, to misconfigured cloud infrastructure and unpatched SaaS applications.

Increasingly we learned last year that financially motivated cyber-criminals, especially those touting ransomware, were adopting techniques more commonly associated with sophisticated APT groups. It puts an even greater pressure on security professionals to detect and respond to attacks as quickly as possible, before threats have had a chance to make a serious impact on the organisation. 

Made for this
Trend Micro’s Cloud One and Vision One platforms were made for this. They offer a comprehensive range of capabilities to automate and enhance cloud security and threat detection and response, respectively. But it’s not enough to have the best products on the market. We need a thriving ecosystem of trusted channel partners that know the products inside-out—experts who can articulate with passion and precision how they can help their end customers’ key security pain points.

That’s where Gavin and Lee come in. As our new UK & Ireland SEMs they’ll be working hard this year to take Trend Micro and our channel ecosystem to the next strategic level of partnership and engagement. This means going beyond the bits and bytes of the technology—although that is still important—to think strategically about how Trend Micro can secure their customers’ journey to the cloud. Gavin will focus on driving strategic conversations within the partner community, while Lee will share his considerable expertise with enterprise customers.

A unique place to work
It won’t be easy. While COVID-19 is certainly driving the need for industry leading cybersecurity solutions to protect digital investments, it’s also creating a few practical problems. Face-to-face meetings with our solutions engineers and partner CISOs is a vital part of the SEM’s job, for example, but these will have to be put on hold for a while. 

The good news is that Gavin and Lee will have a fantastic team working under them, imbued with the dedication, passion and deep technical expertise that makes this such a unique place to work. Good luck to them and everyone on the channel team this year.

The Zero Day Initiative: Working Hard to Secure the Connected World

by Jay Coley

Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) has for 15 years been promoting coordinated vulnerability disclosure through what is now the world’s largest vendor-agnostic bug bounty program. Much of this work goes on behind the scenes, with little fanfare. But it’s vital work nonetheless in helping to secure the connected world, whilst providing early protection for Trend Micro/TippingPoint customers.

A case in point was Microsoft’s silent patching of two ZDI-discovered bugs this week.

Behind the scenes
Discovered by ZDI’s Abdul-Aziz Hariri, the two vulnerabilities exist in the way that the Microsoft Windows Codecs Library handles objects in memory. If exploited, CVE-2020-1425 would allow an attacker to obtain information to further compromise a system, while CVE-2020-1457 could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code.

It’s rare that patches are silently deployed by Microsoft like this to its customers, but that shouldn’t detract from the hard work of ZDI researchers here. In fact, ZDI was the number one external supplier of vulnerabilities to Microsoft last year, accounting for 38% of publicly discovered Microsoft flaws.

Why ZDI?
Why is this important? Because without programs like ZDI which advocate responsible disclosure, grey and black market trading of vulnerabilities would proliferate, resulting in less secure products and more exposed customers.

Vulnerability exploits are a vital pre-requisite of many cyber-attacks today. By galvanising the research community and incentivising responsible disclosure, the ZDI can help to make the digital world a safer place. Not only that, but we can also provide early protection for Trend Micro and TippingPoint customers. In this case, our customers were safe for over three months, before vendor patches were issued.

Join Trend Micro for a fresh perspective on cloud security

by Ross Baker

The current pandemic has done little to reduce the daily workload of most CISOs. In fact, with cyber-criminals ramping up social engineering efforts against home workers and attacks on remote access infrastructure, your spare time may well be more precious than it’s ever been. That’s why Trend Micro has created Perspectives, a jam-packed two-hour virtual event focused around the topic of securing digital transformation. 

Experts from AWS, Azure, Trend Micro, IDC and some of our biggest customers will come together to share their insight on Thursday, June 25.

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Securing our cloud-connected world in 2020

By Ross Baker

It’s been a tough year for CISOs. The past 12 months has seen another spike in data breaches, cloud misconfigurations, and security threats at a DevOps layer. Ransomware is up, filelessmalware is on the rise, and business email compromise continues to increase. Trend Micro alone blocked over  26.8 billion unique threats in the first half of the year. With no let-up in store for 2020, cybersecurity leaders need to ensure they work with trusted partners — vendors with a clear vision of the future.

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