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Securing DevOps for a new post-pandemic digital age

by Bharat Mistry

UK organisations are at the cutting edge in digital adoption, especially those in certain industries like fintech. But although their efforts are delivering undoubted benefits to customers, employees and shareholders, they also expand the potential attack surface. One key example is applications, which are a vital part of any digital innovation drive, but may introduce new vulnerabilities lurking in shared open source code.

This makes it increasingly important for IT and digital managers to focus on code-level risks and bugs, not only in the deployed environment but throughout the application development lifecycle.

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Securing Cloud Workloads: Making DevSecOps a Reality at VMworld Europe

by Bharat Mistry

You might have noticed new official ONS figures claiming a 30% drop in cybercrime in the UK over the past year. But don’t be misled by the headline stats: the truth is that threats, especially against organisations, are on the rise. Trend Micro blocked over 20.4 billion of them in the first half of the year alone. The risks are especially pronounced during the app development lifecycle when the focus can sometimes fall too heavily on time-to-market, at the expense of security. That’s why cloud workload security is one of the top two IT budget priorities for 2019, according to a new study.

As organisations increasingly look to DevOps to drive innovation and growth, the need to seamlessly integrate security controls pre-deployment and at runtime becomes more urgent. Join us at VMworld Europe next month to find out how Trend Micro is helping global organisations manage these challenges. Continue reading