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Nearly All UK Firms Have Been Hacked: So What Now?

by Bharat Mistry

If 2014 was the year of the targeted attack, 2015 is already proving just as prolific for cybercriminals. Barely a week goes by without hearing about yet another major data breach of sensitive IP or customer information. The latest data makes for pretty depressing reading for IT leaders: if we’re to believe it, virtually every organisation in the UK has now been hacked at one time or another. But it should also be a wake-up call that determined attackers have the tools, the persistence and the technique to get inside your network.

With this in mind, it’s more important than ever that IT bosses adapt their strategic thinking. They need to accept that they have probably been breached, and work instead towards locating an attack and responding effectively in order to mitigate risk. Continue reading

The NCA’s Cyber Crime Strike Should Refocus Corporate Security Efforts

by Ross Dyer

UK law enforcers were in celebratory mood last week after a major co-ordinated strike against cyber criminals across the country. In total, 57 suspects were arrested in 25 separate operations nationwide for a range of offences, from DDoS to phishing and online fraud to malware distribution. One suspect was even arrested on suspicion of hacking US Department of Defence systems. Continue reading

What CISOs Can Learn from the Sony Pictures Attack

by Ross Dyer

One of the things you’ll hear some CISOs grumble about from time to time is how tricky it can be sometimes persuading the business to release more funds. The skill of the good security chief, of course, is in translating highly technical concepts into a language the board will understand. But even so, it can be a tough sell when the end result of thousands of pounds of investment is … precisely nothing. With cyber security you’re effectively buying insurance against a damaging breach.

So it was interesting last week to see Sony declare that it spent a whopping $15 million on investigation and remediation after major cyber attack last year. It gives just a small insight into the potential financial impact of failing to adequately ‘insure’ your organisation against attack. Continue reading

Joining Forces to Combat a Common Enemy

by Simon Young

Joining Forces to Combat a Common Enemy
Over the past 26 years Trend Micro has been in the business of taking on everything the bad guys can throw at us. Our 1,200+ strong team of threat researchers across the globe have done a sterling job predicting where the next threats are coming from and designing ever more sophisticated tools and services to protect consumers, businesses and governments round the world.

But we also realise the value in partnering with other industry players to spread these products to an even wider audience and make the world a safer place for the exchange of digital information. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a new OEM agreement with HP that will see our APT-hunter Deep Discovery power the HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance (ATA) family of products. Continue reading