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Charting the changes in cybercrime over the past five years

by Bharat Mistry

The cybercrime economy is one of the runaway success stories of the 21st century — at least, for those who participate in it. Estimates claim it could be worth over $1trillion annually, more than the GDP of many countries. Part of that success is due to its ability to evolve and shift as the threat landscape changes. Trend Micro has been profiling the underground cybercrime community for several years. And over the past five, we’ve seen a major shift to new platforms, communications channels, products and services, as trust on the dark web erodes and new market demands emerge.

Unfortunately, we expect the current pandemic to create yet another evolution, as cyber-criminals look to take advantage of new ways of working and systemic vulnerabilities. 

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Trend Micro Named as a Leader in IDC MarketScape on Worldwide Email Security

by Bharat Mistry

It is always nice to end the year with accolades from an industry insider recognizing the effectiveness of one of your core products. IDC, a global market intelligence firm, recently named Trend Micro as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Email Security 2016 Vendor Assessment (doc #US41943716, December 2016).

This is particularly exciting for us because we see our email security products as the frontlines of security protection for our customers. More than 76 percent of targeted attacks, ransomware or advanced persistent threats (APTs) begin with emails. Our email products are also powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, which mines 100 terabytes of data daily to ensure that our customers are always sheltered from the 250 million+ threats we block every day.

This threat intelligence helps us continually enhance our solution; and in the report, IDC acknowledged our focus on some of the newest concepts in email security such as specialized threat analysis and protection (STAP) features, including sandboxing technologies and anti–spear phishing protocols. By using big data analytics and predictive technology, we are able to deliver immediate protection from emerging threats.

IDC’s report also includes valuable customer insights on our products, and we were recognized for listening to our customers and adapting our products to fit their current needs. In addition, they appreciated the multiple bundling options across our own products, as well as through our partners. This not only makes purchase easy, but our wide range of capabilities can fit an enterprise’s specific requirements.

IDC’s report also highlights an area where we try infuse productivity — our easy set up and product use. From on-premises software to cloud-based products, our email security solutions strive to help customers save time and improve efficiency.

As the threat landscape evolves, our commitment is to provide an adaptable email security solution as the first line of defense that includes a variety of industry-leading features and platform offerings that work within an organization.

For more information on IDC MarketScape positioning, please visit https://resources.trendmicro.com/IDC-MarketScape-Email-Security-Leader.html.



With Ransomware and BEC Soaring, it’s Time to Take Control of Email Security

by Bharat Mistry

Sometimes being right is a double-edged sword when it comes to cybersecurity. Trend Micro predicted late last year that 2016 would be the year of online extortion. And lo and behold, over halfway into 2016, ransomware is breaking all records: we discovered 79 new families in the first six months of this year alone; a 172% year-on-year increase. That’s no comfort, of course, to the countless organisations around the world that have suffered at the hands of the online extortionists. Meanwhile, Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams have already netted cybercriminals an estimated $3 billion in profits.

The latest figures from Trend Micro tell us organisations in EMEA are most at risk globally from ransomware. Together with whaling (BEC) attacks, they represent a major challenge for IT security leaders and one that needs to be addressed with urgency. For those looking for some inspiration, the upcoming CLOUDSEC conference in London will offer the perfect opportunity to learn best practice in this space. Continue reading

How to Take Control of the Ransomware Problem

by Simon Edwards

When will we be finally rid of ransomware? I imagine CISOs up and down the land repeat the same question most every day. Because it’s on a near daily basis we hear of yet another new variant causing havoc around the world. Most recently, reports have focused on new strains being offered “as-a-service” for non-technical cybercriminals to disseminate, ensuring the outbreak has now reached epidemic proportions. The truth is that until all organisations start refusing to pay the ransom, and/or get better at security basics, there’ll always be enough profit to keep the black hats interested.

At our CLOUDSEC conference in London next month we’ll be explaining exactly how businesses can take control back from the bad guys and start getting proactive about locking down ransomware risk. Continue reading