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On the frontline: revealing the personal and professional challenges facing SecOps teams

by Bharat Mistry

It’s easy to forget that cybersecurity is fundamentally about people. Attacks are launched by threat actors, phishing emails are opened by employees, and it is your SecOps team that has to try and detect and respond to increasing volumes of these threats. As good as technology systems are, we haven’t got to the point where all of this defensive work can be automated. So what happens when your most precious resource, your security team, feels overwhelmed by their workload?

According to new research from Trend Micro, it’s a question an increasing number of organisations are facing—but few have a satisfactory answer to. The reality is that under pressure SecOps teams need better tools to correlate and prioritise alerts, so they can work more efficiently.

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Reducing cyber-risk and the SecOps burden for Walsall Housing Group

by Alex Ekuza

Cyber-attacks targeting global enterprises and big-name brands tend to attract most media attention. But the truth is that SMBs are hit more frequently by threat actors. A recent government report reveals that two-thirds (65%) of mid-sized organisations in the UK suffered a security breach last year. That makes threat detection and response an increasingly important part of any proactive security stance. But many organisations, especially smaller ones, find this part of security operations (SecOps) overwhelming if they don’t have the right tools to prioritise alerts.

That’s why Walsall Housing Group chose Trend Micro Vision One to mitigate the growing risk of cyber-threats. 

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Ireland’s Healthcare system hit by cyber attack

by Simon Walsh

Ireland’s healthcare system has been the recent subject of an unprecedented cyber attack, called out by the Irish government as “possibly the most significant cybercrime attack on the Irish state”. This has led to IT systems being taken offline and the cancellation of a number of hospital appointments. 

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Keeping Hampshire Fire and Rescue Safe from Cyber Risks

by Antony Taliana

Hampshire’s firefighters are usually the ones protecting the local community from unexpected danger. But two years ago, it was the service itself that needed expert help, when it became clear that a migration to Office 365 may create serious cyber security gaps. 

Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Complete and Deep Discovery Inspector (DDI) stepped in to provide comprehensive protection across endpoints, cloud email and the network.

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