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UK healthcare organisations should be on high alert for ransomware

by Toby Hart

Over the past few days, one story in the US has threatened to overshadow even the race for the White House. A set of apparently coordinated ransomware attacks reportedly hit hundreds of hospitals, medical facilities and clinics. Although no warnings have thus far been issued by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) or NHS Digital, UK hospitals should be alert to the malicious campaign potentially spreading their way, and of other attackers targeting medical facilities already stretched to the limit with the fight against COVID-19.

The good news is that by detecting the early warning signs including the presence of TrickBot and/or Emotet Trojans, healthcare organisations (HCOs) can mitigate the threat before it has a chance to make a major impact.

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Beyond extended support: virtual patching is key to keeping Windows Server secure

By Mohamed Inshaff

This past week, the US National Security Agency (NSA) released a rare security advisory urging organisations to patch a list of critical vulnerabilities. The top 25 list detailed the software flaws most frequently being targeted by state-sponsored Chinese operatives. Although most CVEs were published in 2020, a few date back several years.

What does this tell us? That many organisations are still not patching systems promptly enough, even though the result of a major state-sponsored or cybercrime intrusion could be catastrophic. This is where virtual patching can save the day.

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RHEL 6 is Reaching End of Maintenance: Virtual Patching Can Help Your Organisation

by Robin Purnell

Today, open source software powers some of the world’s largest organisations. But that in turn means it is a target for cyber-criminals and nation state actors. As one of the most popular Linux distributions out there, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is well regarded in security circles. Yet when iterations reach end-of-maintenance support, customers must act quickly to protect their servers. 

This is where virtual patching capabilities could help to mitigate risk and extend the value of investments in RHEL.

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Digital security for digital growth at Carbery Group

By Chris Baker

Digital transformation was helping organisations to drive greater business agility and profits even before the pandemic. But the past few months have highlighted just how important cloud-based technologies can be to business success. Such investments, however, also require a keen focus on cybersecurity.

Carbery Group CIO Anthony O’Callaghan was well aware of this as he developed a strategy for growth built on comprehensive protection of his firm’s digital assets. That’s where Trend Micro came in.

A significant stack
Digital transformation offers firms like the Cork-based global nutrition and dairy company fantastic opportunities to get closer to customers and streamline internal processes. But building out cloud-based infrastructure also expands the digital attack surface. O’Callaghan’s efforts were further complicated by the fact that Carbery Group’s 750 staff are dispersed across 10 global locations, including the UK, Italy, US, Brazil, and Thailand.   

He was therefore looking for a proven provider that could offer end-to-end protection across cloud, network and endpoint layers, while taking the strain off a fairly small in-house IT team. The result was investments in a “significant stack” of offerings:

Apex One for endpoint protection through a single agent.

Cloud App Security for online email (Office 365/Gmail) and collaboration security

Deep Discovery Inspector for advanced network security.

Trend Micro Cloud One – Workload Protection to secure data centres, cloud, and containers.

Managed XDR (MDR) for outsourced threat detection and response.

Up and running
To get the most out of the products, including round-the-clock, ongoing security assessments and recommendations, O’Callaghan also chose our Premium Support Program (PSP). The combined value of Trend Micro’s decades of expertise in cybersecurity and feature-rich product set has delivered Carbery Group exactly what it needed. That is: peace-of-mind that any new digital growth initiatives can accelerate to top speed without impacting cyber risk levels.

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