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As SCADA Threats Grow: How to Lock Down Risk

by Ross Dyer

Another day, another warning of an impending cyber security crisis in the West. However, this time it’s come from the lips of former NSA and US Cyber Command boss General Keith Alexander. Last week he claimed that Western energy firms are unprepared for a potentially “catastrophic attack” on their infrastructure. The worst case scenario could involve a synchronised blitz on power plants, refineries and the national grid, possibly accompanied by a simultaneous attack on the banking system. Continue reading

A Cyber Insurance Checklist: What CISOs Need to Know

by Bharat Mistry

Cyber security insurance has been offered in some form or another for years. But with Lloyd’s of London recently claiming a 50% increase in demand, UK firms finally seem to be waking up to the benefits. On paper, it can provide much needed financial security in the event of a major data breach, DDoS attack or other cyber incident. But in the fast-moving world of online threats, corporate insurance policies can only go so far.

IT leaders must come to view cyber insurance as complementary to, rather than a replacement for, a comprehensive information security programme. Continue reading

Uncovering Unique Cyber Attacks against Israel and Egypt

Trend Micro’s Forward Threat Research team in conjunction with the United States Air Force has uncovered a series of attacks against Israeli and Egyptian targets in a report coined “Operation Arid Viper: Bypassing the Iron Dome.” This attack is leveraging unusual tactics to perpetrate both targeted attacks and cybercrime—it’s being executed by what we characterise as “CyberExtremists.”

Continue reading