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Securing BYOD – How to Improve on Google’s App Review Enhancements

by Bharat Mistry

Last week Google made an announcement which could have a major impact on the security of the much-maligned Android mobile app ecosystem. Hidden away in the second half of a blog post on user experience in the online Play store came confirmation that the web giant is now reviewing apps before they can be published there. For Android and security watchers who’ve long complained that the platform was way too easy to upload malware onto, this is a noteworthy occasion. Continue reading

Can Biometrics Point the Way to CIO Success?

by Raimund Genes

RBS/NatWest recently became the first bank in the UK to offer biometric authentication for access to mobile banking. It’s a great piece of PR for the financial giant, but will it actually drive more customers to its services, save money, or improve security? For many CIOs the jury’s still out on biometrics. But if some of the most risk averse institutions in the country are beginning to come around, maybe it’s time to take another look at the technology. Continue reading

Time to Tackle APTs as a Business Issue in 2015

by Simon Young

Is your organisation still treating advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks as a technology problem? From Target to Home Depot, it has become clear that the bigger and more visible your business becomes, the greater the risk that sensitive customer data and corporate IP could be compromised.

If 2014 has taught us anything it’s that it’s time to elevate these threats as a strategic business risk to your CEO. Continue reading

The Future Now: Why Firms Need to Get a Secure Grip on Wearables

by Raimund Genes

The use of wearable technology in the UK workplace is soaring, according to a new study we just published in conjunction with Vanson Bourne. Over two-thirds (69%) of enterprise IT leaders say staff bring wearables to work and 91% claim these numbers will increase over the coming year. But what about the privacy and corporate information security risks involved? Will wearables turn BYOD into an unmanageable security blackhole? And what additional security steps might be necessary to lock down risk in this area?

We held a roundtable discussion yesterday to find out. Continue reading