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Destructive Malware: Is it Time for CISOs to Panic?

by Ross Dyer

Many UK organisations are only now coming to terms with the fact that APTs and targeted attacks are a real and present danger to the corporate crown jewels: sensitive IP and customer data. It’s taken a while for the threats to filter down from government agencies and high profile multi-nationals. But the truth is that, with the means to launch such attacks now widely available on underground forums, any company could realistically be targeted today.

The bad news, as we’ve seen over the past fortnight, is that the game is changing again. Enter the destructive malware attack. Continue reading

Trend Micro Triumphs at the V3 Awards

by Simon Young

Times have never been tougher for IT security leaders. Not only must they cope with unprecedented volumes of malware but also an increasingly determined, agile and sophisticated enemy. That’s not even to mention static budgets and cyber security skills shortages. In the face of these challenges it makes your security investments even more critical. So who do you trust to protect the organisational crown jewels? Continue reading

Operation Pawn Storm: How to Spot and Block APTs

by Ross Dyer

Most recently, our dedicated team of threat researches at TrendLabs  uncovered a sophisticated and ongoing cyber espionage campaign known as Operation Pawn Storm targeting military, embassies, defence contractors and media organizations in the US and its allied countries. Let’s dig a bit deeper. Continue reading