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CLOUDSEC: Recognising the Growing Threat from Targeted Attacks

by Raimund Genes

Operation Aurora, Shady RAT, Woolen-Goldfish and now Iron Tiger: we’ve all been talking about targeted cyber attacks for so long now that it sometimes pays to stand back and take stock of exactly where we are as an industry. That’s what we have done with a new piece of research in partnership with Quocirca surveying attitudes towards these advanced, highly covert threat campaigns. We asked 500 European IT decision makers whether they thought targeted attacks had increased of late; the potential impact on their respective organisations; and what steps they’d take to mitigate such attacks.

The findings prove that senior IT leaders are finally waking up to the threat, as more and more of their peers are humbled by these laser-focused attacks. Continue reading

Expect the Unexpected: VPN Provider Attacks Windows Servers

by Bharat Mistry

Advanced persistent threats and targeted attacks might be a daily threat for many of us working in the information security industry today, but there’s still a great deal of awareness raising to be done in the UK. In fact, there are many smaller organisations which don’t think they have anything worth stealing, and so continue to pay only lip service to the idea of cyber defence. Well, new research unveiled at Black Hat 2015 this week speaks to both of these challenges. Continue reading

Time to Tackle APTs as a Business Issue in 2015

by Simon Young

Is your organisation still treating advanced persistent threats (APTs) and targeted attacks as a technology problem? From Target to Home Depot, it has become clear that the bigger and more visible your business becomes, the greater the risk that sensitive customer data and corporate IP could be compromised.

If 2014 has taught us anything it’s that it’s time to elevate these threats as a strategic business risk to your CEO. Continue reading

Joining Forces to Combat a Common Enemy

by Simon Young

Joining Forces to Combat a Common Enemy
Over the past 26 years Trend Micro has been in the business of taking on everything the bad guys can throw at us. Our 1,200+ strong team of threat researchers across the globe have done a sterling job predicting where the next threats are coming from and designing ever more sophisticated tools and services to protect consumers, businesses and governments round the world.

But we also realise the value in partnering with other industry players to spread these products to an even wider audience and make the world a safer place for the exchange of digital information. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a new OEM agreement with HP that will see our APT-hunter Deep Discovery power the HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance (ATA) family of products. Continue reading