Supporting our local communities at a time of crisis

By Ross Baker

Trend Micro was founded on the principles of making the digital and connected world a more secure place. And during a time of heightened threat levels, we’re working flat out to ensure customer organisations are protected, service levels are uninterrupted, and home workers have all the tools they need to stay safe.

But events of late have also focused our attention more fully on the physical world, and of the need to protect both our employees and the most vulnerable in society. We’ve always been heavily involved in projects to improve the lives of those less fortunate in our local communities. That’s all down to the passion and dedication and goodwill of our amazing Trenders. And I’m delighted to say that they’re stepping up once again.

Giving back
Over the past month or so, our Communities team has worked closely with its network of local partners to identify how we can best support them.

From our HQ in Paddington we are providing an emergency response fund to support their critical work. Even our car park is playing its part: providing 70 spaces to the local hospital, St Mary’s, as well as welfare facilities for their staff. The same NHS hospital is receiving a donation of surgical face masks supplied by our colleagues in China.

We’re also in the process of setting up a “Roll Call” campaign to raise money for the North Paddington Food Bank, a charity which is working hard to ensure that those who are in situations where they cannot get access to food and essentials are being cared for.

Our individual employees are using their own initiative to give back local communities. Some are volunteering for local mutual aid organisations to help vulnerable people their areas that have to self-isolate. They’re doing everything from walking dogs to posting letters, dropping off food and medicine, and even chatting with neighbours over the phone so they don’t feel too alone. Others are delivering veg boxes from their local greengrocer up in Scotland to self-isolating neighbours.

This goodwill isn’t confined to the UK, either: all over Europe local Trend Micro offices are giving back. In France we’ve been distributing masks to hospitals and retirements homes. One receptionist has even taken to making protective gowns, whilst other staff have been flipping crepes to feed local healthcare workers.

Staying connected
There’s plenty more to come. Several Trenders are keen to get involved in our long-running Internet Safety for Kids and Families (ISKF) project with online activities including live chats, guest talks, blogs and social media outreach. More of that later.

We’re also making sure all of our staff stay connected with a weekly newsletter, to keep them up to date on what their colleagues are doing. The weekly update (amongst other updates) is designed to keep our spirits up and inspire all of us with working-from-home tips and some great links to useful home-schooling/parenting resources.

None of us have experienced times quite like these before and nor, I hope, will we ever have to again. But it’s been humbling to see just how much people are prepared to give to help those around them. Thanks to everyone at Trend Micro, and in the wider community, for going above and beyond.

Stay safe!

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