Shortlisted Again: Vote Trend Micro in the V3 Awards

by Simon Edwards

The UK’s IT leaders are facing an unprecedented and unenviable set of security challenges today. Threats could come from anywhere in the world, and any source – be it financially motivated cybercrime gangs, determined state sponsored operatives or ‘lone wolf’ hacktivists. People and process are of course an important part of the fightback. But so too is having the right technology to hand to keep today’s huge range of threats at bay.

Yet knowing which vendors to trust here is far from straightforward. That’s why we’re delighted that Trend Micro Deep Security and Deep Discovery have both been shortlisted for the upcoming V3 Technology Awards 2016. It’s great validation for us but will also help IT buyers in their search for industry-leading security tools.

Threats unleashed
It would be pretty difficult to overestimate the scale of the cyber threat facing UK firms today. New Trend Micro research last week revealed that nearly half (44%) of UK organisations have been infected with ransomware over the past couple of years, for example. Those hit claimed that a third (33%) of their employees and 31% of customers were affected by the infection, which took on average 33 man hours to fix.

Ransomware isn’t the only game in town for the bad guys, of course. As attendees learned out our CLOUDSEC UK conference in London last week, there are new threats around every corner. Whether it’s a covert APT or targeted attack designed to steal sensitive IP and/or trade secrets or a more opportunistic raid on customer data exploiting a common software vulnerability – it’s important to have the tools in place to respond quickly and effectively.

Shortlisted for success
That’s where Deep Security and Deep Discovery come in.

Deep Security is our flagship datacentre security platform designed to protect physical, virtual and cloud resources from data breaches and business disruption. It’s been designed to protect against everything from advanced threats to ransomware and zero days, and features a unique architecture which will maximise computing resources to ensure no slowdown in performance if used in virtual or cloud environments. What’s more, the one product can be used to manage security in physical, virtual or hybrid cloud set-ups – easing management headaches.

Deep Discovery is works across endpoint, email and network layers, enabling enterprises to detect, analyse and respond to next generation targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats, ransomware and more. It provides unparalleled visibility into network-based threats, monitoring physical, virtual, north-south, and east-west traffic, all network ports, and more than 100 protocols. And it employs advanced sandboxing to improve detection rates.

It’s great news that the V3 editorial team has shortlisted us for the awards of Best Cloud Security Product (Deep Security) and Best Enterprise Security Product (Deep Discovery). Unlike some awards events, this one relies on votes from readers of the site to decide who wins – which in this case means IT professionals.

So we’d encourage you all to go out and vote Deep Security and Deep Discovery. You’ve got until 7 October to make a difference.

Vote here for Deep Security and Deep Discovery.

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