Securing Cloud Workloads: Making DevSecOps a Reality at VMworld Europe

by Bharat Mistry

You might have noticed new official ONS figures claiming a 30% drop in cybercrime in the UK over the past year. But don’t be misled by the headline stats: the truth is that threats, especially against organisations, are on the rise. Trend Micro blocked over 20.4 billion of them in the first half of the year alone. The risks are especially pronounced during the app development lifecycle when the focus can sometimes fall too heavily on time-to-market, at the expense of security. That’s why cloud workload security is one of the top two IT budget priorities for 2019, according to a new study.

As organisations increasingly look to DevOps to drive innovation and growth, the need to seamlessly integrate security controls pre-deployment and at runtime becomes more urgent. Join us at VMworld Europe next month to find out how Trend Micro is helping global organisations manage these challenges.

Security vs functionality
DevOps is increasingly seen as a must-have if organisations are to maintain an advantage in what is a highly competitive, digital-first market. Some estimates claim the global DevOps market will be worth $8.8 billion by 2023. Containers are becoming especially popular. More lightweight than virtual machines, they start faster and use less memory so more can be deployed per server than traditional virtual machines (VMs).

However, security remains a challenge. The vast majority of organisations (91%) believe that development teams introduce risk to the organisation, while 29% are concerned that their firm prioritises functionality over security. The risks are no longer just theoretical: the infamous Dirty Cow vulnerability can be exploited from within a container, for example.

Securing the future
It’s no surprise, therefore, that Gartner believes secure DevOps practices will be embedded in 80% of rapid development teams by 2021, up from only 15% in 2017. The challenge is in finding the right tools to integrate into your DevOps processes in a way which maximises protection without slowing down the delivery pipeline. Over half of organisations (54%) believe their organisation is at risk of outgrowing their security.

At Trend Micro, we’ve built Deep Security to work on two fronts: it scans container images in development so any issues can be fixed in pre-production, and protects containers and workloads in runtime via a single lightweight agent on the host, featuring IDS/IPS, anti-malware, integrity monitoring, application control, and more. The result is security which doesn’t slow down DevOps: driving a “build secure, ship fast, and run anywhere” enterprise.

To find out more, join us at VMworld Europe where we’ll be taking a closer look at this space in a presentation with Enterprise Strategy Group analyst, Doug Cahill.

Mind the Gap: Building a closer relationship between Security and DevOps [DEV1031BES]
Bryan Webster, Principal Architect, Trend Micro
Doug Cahill, Group Director and Senior Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
Wednesday, Nov 07, 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

We look forward to catching up with you at the show.

What: VMworld Europe – Booth P417
Where: Barcelona
When: 5-8 November



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