Rik Ferguson Clinches Personality of the Year at the Annual Cyber Security Awards 2017

by Ross Baker

We are delighted to announce that our Vice President of Security Research, Rik Ferguson, has scooped Personality of the Year at the Cyber Security Awards. The Cyber Security Awards were established in 2014 to reward the best cyber security individuals, teams and companies across the world – with a focus throughout on excellence and innovation. The award is testament to Rik’s reputation as one of the industry’s most astute, articulate and inspirational figures.

From his early days toiling in backroom tech support departments to his current global role as research lead for a billion-dollar cyber security company, Rik has spent nearly a quarter of a century honing his skills.

That experience has left him with a keen sense of what it’s like to work on the IT coal face; something Rik has been able to draw on in his ongoing mission to engage and motivate those further down the ladder, to believe they can build a successful cyber security career outside the back office.

Journalists, colleagues, industry partners, customers and others have all come to know and respect Rik’s straight-talking, no-nonsense, but highly informed approach to cyber security.

In his engagements with schools, universities and charities Rik has remained dedicated to filling the industry with lively, naturally curious, tenacious, and passionate security advocates. That’s in addition to his work as a long-time collaborator with law enforcement and government; his drive, experience and direction helping the ongoing fight against cybercrime.

Rik’s approach isn’t just to reflect the current situation; it’s to inspire others, question where technology could lead us and the criminal threats that lie ahead. He’s been instrumental, for example, in creating the hugely successful forward-looking 2020 project, as well as educational assets such as the popular Targeted Attack – The Game.

His award is also a reflection of Trend Micro’s commitment not only to make the world a safer place in which to exchange digital information, but to lead the industry with ground-breaking research into new challenges and threats.

Rik’s wealth of experience, tireless passion, good humour and commitment to the cyber security cause perfectly reflects the ideals and culture that have made Trend Micro one of the world’s leading security companies.

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