Picking Through Vendor FUD as Infosecurity Europe Approaches

by Bharat Mistry

We’ve hit a period of relative calm in the cybersecurity space over the past few weeks with no new reports of major breaches or threats. In fact, there have actually been a few positive news announcements of late, with UK organisations spending more on threat protection and seeing some decent results.

But as the annual Infosecurity Europe event next month draws nearer, perhaps we should remind ourselves that the industry is still filled with marketing claims which don’t necessarily tell the whole story. IT security buyers therefore need to focus their spending carefully if they want to maximise ROI.

Some good news
Stats from UK business ISP Beaming released last week revealed that the number of cyber-attack victims fell by a fifth in 2017 from the previous year. Micro-, small and medium sized firms saw particularly significant drops, which the ISP claimed was the result in part of larger investments in security tools. It said the number of SMBs using network perimeter firewalls increased from 54% in 2016 to 75% last year, whilst use of intrusion detection systems and vulnerability scanners doubled over the same period.

The good news continues with an announcement from the government of a £150m cash injection to fund improved cybersecurity for the NHS. Although this is likely to be just a drop in the ocean given the rising threat levels facing healthcare organisations, it’s to be welcomed.

However, it’s worth pointing out that the cybersecurity industry today can be an intimidating place for an IT buyer. It’s arguably never been more dominated by buzz words and outrageous claims, as anyone can see walking around London Olympia at the start of June. That can make it difficult for increasingly time-poor IT security managers to make the right decisions about their investments.

Time for Infosecurity Europe
That’s why Trend Micro has always been very upfront about its XGen approach to threat protection. There’s simply no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to online threats, however effectively some vendors may claim their machine learning algorithms or next-gen endpoint security solutions work. However, you need a layered blend of cross-generational tools and techniques, optimised so the right one is used on the right threat at the right time for maximum protection.

If they’re all powered by and share the same intelligence across endpoint, gateways, hybrid server and network, then you get highly effective and automated connected threat defence, all visible from a single platform.

We deliver consistent security across the hybrid cloud, supporting organisations as they adopt public clouds like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft® Azure™. Our deep integration with VMware technologies combined with optimised cloud security enables organisations to confidently extend their VMware data centers to the public cloud.

“Protect enterprise workloads everywhere”- that’s the message we’ll be taking to Infosecurity Europe this year. The show always provides a great opportunity not only to share our insights into the threat landscape and best practice advice on threat protection, but also to better understand what’s keeping CSOs awake at night. We’re looking forward to having many more opportunities like this at the show, so be sure to drop by our stand and drop in to one of our presentations at the event.

What: Infosecurity Europe, Stand E60
When: 5-7 June 2018
Where: London Olympia

Join us also on Thursday, 7th June at 10am when Bill Malik, VP of Infrastructure Strategies, looks at the opportunities and security challenges presented by the Internet of things and Industrial Internet of Things at the event’s Strategy Talks.



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