NATO is adapting to the new reality of cyber-threats: CLOUDSEC will help you do the same

by Bharat Mistry

It’s sometimes easy to forget how far and fast the threat landscape has evolved in just a few short years. We now live in a world where attacks by nation states are no longer a threat to just a handful of critical infrastructure (CNI) providers, but virtually any organisation. Accordingly, NATO’s secretary-general has issued a well-timed reminder that the military alliance would hit back hard if one of its member nations is attacked.

NATO is adapting to the “new reality” of cyber-threats that are “more frequent, more complex and more destructive,” he said. CISOs must too: and Trend Micro’s CLOUDSEC conference next month offers a great opportunity to find out how.

A new era
The article by Jens Stoltenberg this week is not the first time NATO has said a serious cyber-attack could invoke Article 5, where an attack against one ally is regarded as an attack on all. However, the fact that he has been forced to repeat the warning is significant. It reflects a new era characterised by aggressive nation state cyber-activity and concerns over just how exposed organisations, and society in general, are to attacks. 

As NotPetya and WannaCry showed us, nation state hackers can cause global chaos to organisations of all shapes and sizes, whether they planned to or not. For smaller firms, such attacks could have a catastrophic impact. New research from insurer Gallagher this week revealed that nearly a quarter of UK SMEs were hit by a “crisis” event cyber-attack last year, costing them a combined £8.8bn. The firm calculated that as many as 57,000 such firms could be at risk of collapse this year if hit by an attack which forced them to stop trading.

Even larger enterprises may find serious ransomware outages and data breaches result in brand and financial damage that’s hard to recover from. For Stoltenberg, the key to mitigating the growing threat from cyberspace is by increasing resources, improving legal and institutional frameworks and sharingexpertise.

CLOUDSEC is here to help
It’s in this last sphere that CLOUDSEC comes into play. This popular one-day cybersecurity conference hosted by Trend Micro annually brings together leading industry experts from academia, law enforcement, government and the private sector to debate the issues of the day. This year is no different. We have a former White House CIO; the UN’s cybercrime advisor; the former head of the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit; CISOs from Stena, Oxford University and Thomson Reuters; and several threat experts from Trend Micro, among many others.

CLOUDSEC offers a valuable opportunity for attendees tolisten to their insight into the threat landscape and current industry trends, and experiences working in high-profile and extreme high-pressure roles. But that’s not all: the event also offers a fantastic networking opportunity for IT security leaders to hear from their peers in the industry, in an informal setting.

Like NATO, the modern CISO has to contend with a reality today where cyber-threats are the new normal. In this context, gaining as much situational awareness and tactical insight as possible is a no-brainer. Make sure you confirm your place today!

What: CLOUDSEC 2019
When: 13 September 2019
Where: Old Billingsgate Market, London

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