Making the Internet a Better Place on Safer Internet Day

by Ross Baker

In a little under a generation, the internet has transformed the way we live and work forever. It’s enabled us all to become happier, healthier, more sociable and productive people. But as with everything, there’s a flip side. The online world has also given rise to cyberbullies, trolls, hackers and more. That’s why we need to continue fighting the good fight with industry-leading threat prevention.

But it’s also why we need initiatives like Safer Internet Day (SID), to help the most vulnerable in society stay safe online. Trend Micro is proud to be an official supporter yet again this year, as SID lands today, Tuesday 7th of February with the theme is ‘Be the change: unite for a better internet’. 

Staying safe online
Safer Internet Day is a global initiative designed to promote the safe and responsible use of technology for young people. Events up and down the UK will help promote these values and raise awareness among kids of key online safety issues. This year the message is loud and clear: “Be the change: unite for a better internet.”

Over 1,000 schools, police forces, youth groups, charities and businesses like Trend Micro have signed up to support the 2017 event. Why is it still important? Because one of the best things about the internet – its openness and inclusivity – means unfortunately that it also plays host to hackers, bullies and predators. And while our kids can often act cyber savvy, that’s not necessarily the reality.

Fighting the good fight
That’s why Trend Micro is a long-time supporter of the initiative. And we’ll be doing so again this year. In fact, we’ve been active in this area for almost a decade, through our Internet Safety for Kids and Families programme. It’s a cause close to the heart of our CEO Eva Chen, who directly sponsors ISKF and the great work it does in collaboration with academia, governments and law enforcement around the world.

We’ve already reached over one million parents, adults, students and educators around the world with our work. There are over 600 Trend Micro volunteers globally and our outreach is growing all the time. And we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to get the message out. We’re particularly proud of the long-running What’s Your Story? competition – a global initiative designed to get kids and young film makers to share new and inspiring stories of internet safety.

This year, as part of ISKF, we’re looking into empowering our channel team and partners to deliver educational online safety webinars to parents. IT distributor and Trend Micro partner e92plus is already on board and we hope that’s just the start.


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