Keeping Hampshire Fire and Rescue Safe from Cyber Risks

by Antony Taliana

Hampshire’s firefighters are usually the ones protecting the local community from unexpected danger. But two years ago, it was the service itself that needed expert help, when it became clear that a migration to Office 365 may create serious cyber security gaps. 

Trend Micro’s Smart Protection Complete and Deep Discovery Inspector (DDI) stepped in to provide comprehensive protection across endpoints, cloud email and the network.

Protecting users and networks
Like many organisations that have attempted a cloud migration, Hampshire Fire and Rescue was concerned that a lack of visibility and control across its 1500 users could lead to major security and compliance risks. As an emergency service, it’s vital that IT operations remain protected from any potential threats which could lead to downtime.

Today, it runs Smart Protection Complete as well as Deep Discovery Inspector (DDI) for comprehensive network-based visibility, detection and response capabilities. 

No looking back
DDI has been able to block potentially “catastrophic” attacks on the organisation, whilst providing much-needed visibility into older solutions and protocols on the network, which could be abused by hackers. Smart Protection Complete, meanwhile, delivered peace-of-mind when COVID-19 struck and many of the service’s employees were forced to work from home. It does all the heavy lifting with centralised auditing and controls, allowing the IT team to focus on the stuff that matters, by drilling down for investigations.

The next stage of the journey is to migrate to Trend Micro Apex One for a cloud-based platform that will reduce power costs and server maintenance overheads. 

To find out more, read the full story here.

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