Joining Forces to Combat a Common Enemy

by Simon Young

Joining Forces to Combat a Common Enemy
Over the past 26 years Trend Micro has been in the business of taking on everything the bad guys can throw at us. Our 1,200+ strong team of threat researchers across the globe have done a sterling job predicting where the next threats are coming from and designing ever more sophisticated tools and services to protect consumers, businesses and governments round the world.

But we also realise the value in partnering with other industry players to spread these products to an even wider audience and make the world a safer place for the exchange of digital information. That’s why we’re delighted to announce a new OEM agreement with HP that will see our APT-hunter Deep Discovery power the HP TippingPoint Advanced Threat Appliance (ATA) family of products.

Low, slow and dangerous to know
APTs and targeted attacks are amongst the most insidious and dangerous threats facing organisations today. They usually enter corporate networks via a spear phishing email or booby trapped website and install without the user’s knowledge. “Low and slow” is the key here, flying under the radar of traditional defences like firewalls and IPS/IDS and silently traversing the network until they find what they’re looking for. Advanced threats have developed various techniques to stay hidden for months or even years without detection, slowing exfilrating your most sensitive corporate data.

And if you think it’s just the big name multi-nationals and defence companies that are at risk, think again. The means to launch these attacks are fast becoming commoditised – the underground forums are awash with attack toolkits and tutorials.

The Deep Discovery difference
That’s why HP has had the foresight to enhance its Intrusion Prevention System and Next Generation Firewall products with the power of Trend Micro’s Deep Discovery to detect, block and investigate targeted attacks. We’ve been a long-standing partner of HP’s and I think this latest OEM agreement will be great news for both sets of customers.

Deep Discovery is our next-gen platform designed specifically to detect targeted attacks, custom malware, C&C communications and suspicious attacker activity which traditional tools can miss.

Here are a few more reasons why HP chose Deep Discovery:

  • Scans web and email traffic, all network ports and over 80 network protocols, providing 360 degree visibility
  • Accurately detects threats by using custom sandbox images that match system configurations.
  • Uses multiple threat detection techniques to identify a broad set of attack signals across a range of endpoints and mobile devices. These include Microsoft Windows, Apple OSX, and Android.
  • Earned the highest score in breach detection (99.1%) with zero false positives and low total cost of ownership − over 25 percent below the average of all products tested. (NSS Labs independent tests)
  • Recently won the V3 Award for Best Enterprise Security Product, voted for by a readership of IT professionals.

You can find out more on how Deep Discovery can protect your organisation from the insidious threat of targeted attacks here.

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