Fighting Back Against State-Sponsored Hacking with ‘Backdoor-Free’ Certification

by Raimund Genes

CISOs these days have a lot to keep them awake at night. Threats grow more sophisticated, varied and voluminous than ever before. IT environments become more complex to manage and secure as new cloud and virtual systems are slotted in beside legacy technology, expanding the attack surface. Then there are the bad guys: not just cybercrime gangs or lone hacktivists now but also potentially state-backed groups. With such a backdrop cyber security vendors have a responsibility to their customers to prove their products are as robust and trustworthy as they possibly can be.

That’s why Trend Micro is thrilled to have been awarded the “EICAR trusted IT security” seal of quality.

Providing assurance
The “European Expert Group for IT Security” (EICAR) announced its “Minimum Standard for Anti-Malware Products” back in July. As the first manufacturer on board, Trend Micro is proud to announce certification for Deep Security, OfficeScan and Deep Discovery. It’s a mark of quality that will help reassure IT buyers that we’ve prioritised privacy protection and the elimination of backdoors in the development of these products.

At the bare minimum all EICAR-compliant products and services should:

  • Comply with data protection regulations
  • Offer product and feature transparency to users
  • Provide assurance that they have not been manipulated

Why is this important? Because we live in an age when trust in IT security products is being undermined. Documents released by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in June claim that intelligence agencies in the UK and US reverse engineered security products in order to find holes to exploit to prevent the detection of their own cyber espionage activities. Agents were also implicated in top secret programs to monitor, identify and potentially even attack customers via the security software they use. And these are just the programs we know about – there could be a whole lot more happening that has yet to be exposed.

That’s why we need voluntary performance standards like EICAR. CISOs are under more pressure than ever before to support business growth while keeping the organisation’s crown jewels safe. There’s an ever-expanding realm of cloud, virtual and mobile systems to secure and an ever-growing list of cyber foes to defend against. And all this often with static budgets and diminished in-house expertise.

With the EICAR trust mark we can reassure our customers that Deep Security, OfficeScan and Deep Discovery are backdoor free. It’s one less thing for under pressure CISOs to worry about.

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