Expect the Unexpected as CLOUDSEC Conference Comes to London Next Week

by Raimund Genes

Knowledge is power. Nowhere is this frequently over-used expression more relevant than in the information security industry. After all, how can security managers begin to plan effective cyber defences if they don’t fully understand the ever-evolving threat landscape? At the very least, they need to cast the net as wide as possible to take advantage of a broad range of industry expertise. Documents and articles from commercial vendors, non-profits, academics and others can certainly be a useful source of information. So can threat data generated from specific security tools and systems. But so can trade shows and industry events.

That’s why we’re bringing our popular APAC security conference CLOUDSEC to London for the first time. Held next week Thursday, 17th September, it’ll be a fantastic place to network with fellow IT professionals, share experience and best practice, and hear from a range of industry experts on the latest cyber security trends.

Taken by surprise
Anticipating where the next threat is coming from can be half the battle, but so often CISOs are taken by surprise. Understanding where the risks lie is the first step towards crafting an effective mitigation strategy. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is a great cautionary tale for any senior security manager that has asked themselves “what’s the worst that can happen if I under-invest?”

Just last week the US department said it had been forced to fork out $133 million on identity theft protection for the 21.5 million current and former government employees and their families affected by a major data breach. This certainly isn’t the only cost that the US government will be liable for – highlighting yet again the importance of a proactive approach to security. It’s not all about monetary cost, either. Already, reports are coming in that foreign powers are cross-checking the breached data against other illegally obtained personal info to identify military and intelligence agents. Some could even be blackmailed or recruited as spies, as a result.

The Internet of Things has also been in the news a lot recently. It’s typical of the fast-moving cyber security landscape – a topic which was rarely if at all being discussed 18 months ago is now front of mind for many CISOs, whether they’re producers or users of internet-connected devices. Virtually every week now new reports emerge of security flaws in these systems, thanks largely to their being built without ‘security-by-design’ in mind. The latest is yet more research revealing that internet-connected baby monitors can be hacked and used to remotely monitor families in their homes.

Then Fiat Chrysler admitted over the weekend that it would need to recall an additional 7,800 vehicles as part of a security upgrade. The original flaw, revealed over the summer, could allow hackers to take control of the brakes and even interfere with the steering of a targeted car. Some 1.4m vehicles were recalled in the first batch.

CLOUDSEC to the rescue
Trend Micro’s CLOUDSEC event is coming to London on 17 September to tackle these and many more emerging security trends. Its tagline – Expect the Unexpected – articulates perfectly the need for security chiefs to stay on top of emerging security trends.

It’s a vendor-neutral show with a strong emphasis on learning and knowledge sharing. Aside from Trend Micro experts including Global VP of Security Research, Rik Ferguson and Senior Anti-Malware Researcher David Sancho, some of the key speakers we have lined up to share their unique expertise include:

Andy Archibald, Head of the National Cyber Crime Unit, National Crime Agency (NCA)

Timothy Wallach, Supervisory Special Agent – Cyber Task Force, Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)

Scott Borg, Director (CEO) and Chief Economist, US Cyber Consequences Unit

Stewart Room, Global Head of Cyber Security and Data Protection, PWC Legal

Ian Massingham, UKI Technical Evangelist, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

So join us in London next Thursday, 17th September for a fascinating day of security discussion and insight. Today’s enemy might be more agile and determined than ever before, but with the right knowledge at our disposal, we can more than meet the challenge. Click here for more information and to register for the event.



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