Driving productivity under lockdown for Irish forestry giant Coillte

by Dimitris Rodoplou

With a history dating back over three decades, Coillte is today the custodian of over 440,00 hectares of Ireland’s forest lands. However, with turnover exceeding €320 million in 2019, its three thriving businesses are also an attractive target for cyber-attackers. 

When existing security functionality had to be switched off due to performance issues, the firm’s Infrastructure Architect, Marc Walsh, knew it was time to find a new provider. That’s when he turned to Trend Micro Apex One.

A people problem
Coillte’s people are at the heart of its success, and their productivity will be key to the company’s ambitious vision of becoming the best forestry and land solutions company in Europe by 2025. Around 700 of these individuals work on the company’s Windows desktop PCs and Citrix virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). 

However, around three years ago, Walsh found that the firm’s incumbent security solution was slowing down VDI performance significantly. 

“It got to the point where we were having to switch off functionality just to keep things running,” he says.

Thus, a search began for a new provider that could combine sophisticated threat defence with optimised performance. After trialling several providers on the firm’s VDI estate, Walsh found Trend Micro’s Apex One platform came out top. 

Comprehensive cloud-based protection
Trend Micro Apex One offers protection from all known and unknown threats on PC endpoints, Macs, and VDI, from a single solution. Its architecture uses endpoint resources more efficiently to out-perform the competition on CPU and network utilisation. Apex One also offers:

  • XGen protection for cross-generational threat defence, including behavioural analysis, high-fidelity machine learning, app control, web and file reputation and C&C blocking
  • Virtual patching to protect against known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Centralised visibility and control via Trend Micro Control Manager
  • Sensitive data protection via endpoint encryption, integrated DLP and device control
  • Threat detection and response via integration with Trend Micro XDR

Most importantly, Apex One’s cloud-based architecture has meant that the solution could be deployed to Coillte laptops to support mass remote working during COVID-19 lockdowns. Walsh was so impressed that he’s considering investing further in Trend Micro, with Deep Security for server protection. 

“Trend Micro is very forward thinking with its product roadmap,” he concludes. “I see a lot of innovation from their side, so we’ll probably look at integrating more security products in the future.”

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