Don’t be That Guy: a New Video Series to Spread the Security Message

by James Walker

Sometimes information security can be a frustrating job. You can install the latest whizz bang security solution, create a water tight perimeter and arm yourself against the most insidious targeted attacks, all backed up with rock solid policies. But in the end, enterprise IT security is only as strong as its weakest link, and unfortunately that usually means your employees.

Even worse, what staff do outside the organisation can also have an impact on corporate security. Take the mobile sphere, for example. It only takes one careless employee with a BYOD device loaded with malicious apps to potentially get access to the corporate network and allow attackers to take a peek at sensitive enterprise data.

Or perhaps another who hasn’t mastered the privacy settings on their social media account. It’s not just their own information that they could be exposing on the internet, but potentially work-related tidbits too. Targeted attackers in particular are adept at zeroing in on specific employees in an organisation to get the information they need to compromise that individual and infiltrate their company networks covertly. Once inside, all bets are off – they could literally stay hidden for months on end smuggling out whatever they came looking for.

The bottom line is that every consumer is also an employee. With our personal and working lives blurred today like never before thanks to BYOD, cloud services and remote working practices, the remit of the enterprise IT security manager has arguably extended into the home. As if they didn’t have enough to worry about already.

Don’t be that guy

It can be a frustrating, nerve frazzling job trying to get the message through and educate your staff to follow best practices around personal and enterprise data security. But fear not, help is at hand. Trend Micro has launched a new series of snappy videos with the simple message: “Don’t be that guy”.

There are five videos in total, each tackling a different but all-too-common security problem: mobile apps; password management; identity theft; phishing; and privacy settings. With a running time of approx 60 seconds each, the idea is that even those with the shortest of attention spans should be able to absorb their core message.

They’re pretty funny too, so why don’t you take a look at them here. They might even be worth showing your employees.

Don't be that guy

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