Deep Discovery Comes Out Top Again in NSS Labs Tests

by Ross Dyer

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of industry-recognised independent testing for security products. Time poor IT managers need all the help they can get evaluating and short-listing the tools most suited to their organisations. Yet the growing prevalence of vendor marketing hype can often make that job pretty arduous. This is especially true of relatively new segments like advanced threat detection, where there is still a certain amount of uncertainty over what differentiates a great product from a mediocre one.

That’s why Trend Micro is delighted that our APT-hunter tool Deep Discovery has been rated as the most effective recommended breach detection solution for two years in a row by NSS Labs.

Under pressure
Enterprise data is in greater peril today than it’s ever been. Whether it’s sensitive customer data, corporate IP or trade secrets at risk, the threats facing UK firms have grown exponentially in recent year – both in volume and sophistication. Now there’s not just the prospect of wily, financially motivated cybercriminals, but well resourced, determined nation state actors, and even unpredictable hacktivist groups.

Targeted threats are designed to stay under the radar of traditional security filters and early warning systems. The longer they remain undetected inside a victim network, the more damage they can do – exfiltrating your most sensitive data. IT managers need to somehow combat this modern threat with static or falling budgets and a growing attack surface which now includes BYOD devices, cloud services, apps, virtual systems and so on.

Best of the best
Given these challenges it’s not surprising that many seek out reputable security testing organisations for additional Intel to help them make informed decisions on product purchases. NSS Labs is one of the best. Its thorough, test-based research and expert analysis provides a great way for IT buyers to cut through the marketing hype so prevalent in our industry today. Not only does the organisation test the performance of the product, it also evaluates the effectiveness of the vendor’s R&D investment, as well as total cost of ownership and long-term value.

The NSS Labs Breach Detection Systems (BDS) test analysed detection rates for targeted attacks and advanced threats among eight security vendors. Deep Discovery was given an overall score of 96% thanks to its ability to detect a wide range of web, email and file-based threats.

Here are a few more reasons why it was rated most effective recommended breach detection solution for the second year in a row:

  • Monitors all ports and over 80 protocols to spot attacks anywhere on the network
  • Custom sandboxing uses virtualisation to perfectly match your IT system to spot threats targeted specifically at your organisation
  • Simple, flexible deployment as a hardware or virtual appliance
  • Powered by cloud-based Smart Protection Network for industry leading real-time threat detection
  • Integration with Trend Micro and third party security products to remediate and auto-update, preventing further attacks
  • Dramatically lower TCO than rival offerings

NSS Labs CEO, Vikram Phatak, claims Deep Discovery “should definitely be on everyone’s short list”. So take a look today and find out how it could benefit your business.

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