CLOUDSEC UK: Global Security Experts Descend on London Next Week

by Simon Edwards

It might still be the summer holidays for many people but the cybersecurity news cycle is in overdrive. In the past week alone several international incidents have had the headline writers rubbing their hands. But while allegations of Kremlin interference in US elections and Chinese hackers targeting Australian defence organisations sell newspapers, the dangers in cyberspace are far broader than state-sponsored espionage.

And at the CLOUDSEC UK conference in London next week, global CISOs, academics, Trend Micro specialists, industry experts and more will gather to share their wisdom. It’s set to be a must-see event, offering IT decision makers and business leaders unparalleled insight into how to best protect their organisation, from those in the know.

Espionage to ransomware
The message to UK CISOs should be loud and clear by now: cyber threats can come from anywhere these days, and no organisation is too big or too small to be caught up in an attack. Australian government research division the Defence Science Technology Group suffered significant breaches traced back to Beijing over the past five years, according to a new report. And in the US, Russia is suspected of attacking US state election systems and making off with hundreds of thousands of voter details. That’s particularly concerning in light of the forthcoming presidential elections, and the Kremlin-linked cyber espionage campaign against the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

But it’s not just state-sponsored operatives CISOs must be wary of. More common threats abound – the highest profile one currently being ransomware. New insight gleaned from Freedom of Information (FoI) requests revealed last week show two sectors in particular are suffering badly from this modern threat. Nearly half of all NHS Trusts and 56% of UK universities suffered an infection during the past year, they revealed. The pattern is likely repeated across all sectors, and all over the world. The latest TrendLabs report for the first six months of 2016 reveals that the number of new ransomware families discovered in the period has already eclipsed the total 2015 volume by 172%.

In fact, Trend Micro blocked over 28.6 billion threats in the first half of the year – over half the figure for the total number blocked in 2015. It’s getting tougher than ever to keep sensitive customer data and IP safe and business services stable.

That’s why CISOs and business leaders need all the help they can get. And in CLOUDSEC UK, there’s a perfect opportunity to learn from the best of the best. It’s a one-day conference with every spare minute devoted to improving your organisation’s cybersecurity posture. Speakers include Microsoft’s National Technology Officer, Michael Wignall; Barclays Global CISO Troels Oerting; Europol’s EC3 Acting Head of Strategy, Philipp Amann; former CIA CTO, Bob Flores; and Trend Micro’s VP of Security Research Rik Ferguson.

We’ll be covering a lot of ground over the course of the day, with sessions from mid-morning on split into three tracks to provide the maximum range and choice for attendees. Topics will range from the latest hacking techniques on the cybercrime underground; to practical tips on achieving compliance; how to work best with law enforcement; and exclusive new research on the shadow cybercrime economy.

Click here to find out more on what’s shaping up to be one of the hottest cybersecurity events of 2016. We’re looking forward to seeing you there.

What: CLOUDSEC London
Where: Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7UT
When: Tuesday 6 September



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